wait me 26.06.2012 (2012)

Telecast №75480, 1 part, duration: 0:48:05
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mihail Efremov, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Continuation of the history of an unknown prisoner from the Israeli migration prison "Givon", found in Tel Aviv with signs of complete loss of memory.

Fragment of the interview with the acting director of the State Scientific Center for Social and Forensic Psychiatry after V.P.Serbsky: Zurab Kekelidze about the readiness to fly to Israel and personally deal with the patient.

Filming in the village of Golovskoye, Lviv region: relatives of the victim were found, who recognized him from the photo; people say that this is their brother, his name is Yaroslav Golovchansky, went to work in Israel in the late 1990s.

The consulate is settling the formalities, Yaroslav is preparing to be sent home.


Oksana Khokhlacheva is looking for a girlfriend: Natalia Mikhaylovna Grave, born in 1973, left to work in Moscow in 1998.

Zamira Kurbanalieva is looking for her brother: Dilshat Kurbanaliev, born 1975, in February 2004 went to work in Moscow.

At the request of Angela Tsyganova from the United States, her mother Galina and, possibly, her sister Marina are wanted; mother left Angel at the gate of the children's receiver-distributor in Kostroma on September 8, 1993, the girl was identified in a boarding school in the town of Neya, Kostroma region.

Alexander Kowalski is looking for a childhood friend: Viktor Ignatievich Koval, born in 1946, the connection was interrupted in 1967.

Olga Moseva is looking for a friend named Vladimir, the connection was interrupted in 1993.

Olesya Rudenko is looking for a mother: Tamara Vladimirovna Rudenko, born in 1960, last seen in 1994, lived in Buryatia (Ulan-Ude, Vostochny settlement).

Milena Javadyan is looking for her brother: David Aristakesian, born in 1992, disappeared on November 14, 2011 in Moscow.

The history of the Gorchakov family from Tatarstan.

Sisters Ekaterina, Galina and Maria are looking for Brother Alexander.

Children were brought up in the orphanage, Alexander was the oldest; The connection was interrupted after he had served in the army.

Videography from Alexander Gorchakov, Sarov.

Meeting in the studio.

A video story of Nigel from Mandeville and Catherine from Chisinau, a story of lovers who met in the USA.

For a long time, none of them were given repeated visas.

Finally, Nigel was able to fly to Moscow to obtain a visa to Moldova.

Meeting with Katya's family at the airport in Chisinau in December 2011.

Military losses.

The story of the Podudansky family: brother Oleg and sister Svetlana, knowing nothing of each other, searched for information about their father - the military pilot Vasily (Zakhar) Podudansky.

Svetlana and her son came from Mogilev to meet with Oleg and his daughter.

Photos of the missing.

Dmitry Soldatenko (Soldatenkov), 29, in 2008 went to work in the Vitebsk region, the last telegram came in January 2009 from Pushkino, Moscow region.

Dmitry Anguldushev, born in 1966, is wanted by his half-brother Mikhail.

Oleg Kozin, wanted by his mother Alexandra Dmitrievna and sister Elena, after the divorce of their parents, children lived with their grandmother, were separated in 1978 by a court decision, Oleg and his father moved to Abakan.

Yury Zhubanov, born in 1973, disappeared in March 2006 on the way from the Penza region to Saratov.

Danis Fayushin, born in 1974, went to work in Samara in 1999, got a family there, but in 2004 he phoned home and asked for help to return, because he has nowhere to live, then disappeared.

A letter without photos.

During the Great Patriotic War, Valentina Makarevna Kiseleva and her brother Anatoly lost their mother on the way to evacuation.

My brother was sent to the house of the baby (Murmansk), and Valentina came to an orphanage in Kazakhstan, she was then 5-6 years old, so it is most likely that the girl knew her real name and patronymic, and did not receive them in the orphanage.

Supposedly the father was called Makar Kiselev, born between 1910-1916, at the time of the beginning of the Second World War he was married and had two children.

Information about him and possible relatives are being sought.

Videography from Pavlodar, Dnepropetrovsk region: New Year wishes of the boarding school pupils for orphans # 1.

12-year-old Ruslan Ruslanovich Akhmetov turns to his father with a request to find him; father is also called Ruslan Ruslanovich Akhmetov, presumably lives in Tyumen.

Videography from the village Yushala Sverdlovsk region: Ruslan the elder and his wife Julia turn to Ruslan Jr. and talk about plans for the New Year holidays.

Meeting father and son in the studio.


Kekelidze Z.I. - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation.

Calendar: 12.2011

Locations: Ukraine [229] Republic of Mordovia [749] Nizhny Novgorod region [790] Jamaica [111] Moldova [145] Moscow [820] Belarus [845] Sverdlovsk region [803]

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