wait me 04.10.2004 (2004)

Telecast №75501, 1 part, duration: 0:44:09
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Igor Kvasha with a report on the further life of the children found:

Igor Alekseenko lives in the village with his grandmother, his mother still leaves for work, but the child is under the care of close people.

Olga Kabyuc lives with her aunt, her mother also goes to work.

Ruslan's father from an orphanage with the help of a genetic examination proved their relationship, is preparing for court and processing the necessary documents.

Lyudmila Seikina moved to her uncle in Orel, the family collects the latest documents for the registration of guardianship.

The story of Rustam Rakhmonov.

Excerpt of the program from 27.09.2004: Dilba Rakhmonova from Kurgan-Tube talks about finding a younger brother who went to work in Russia; learning that Rustam was very happy, but on the day the meeting was due, he disappeared again.

Finally, Dilba and her husband meet Rustam in the studio.

Video recording for Rustam from Tajikistan from all relatives.

Ivan Ivanovich Zuikov is looking for a childhood friend: Alexandra Ivanovna Zamazova (Shlykova), 1922-1923, met in 1938 in the pioneer camp "Ozyory" near Moscow, studied together at school, parted before the war.

Vera Pavlovna Semina is looking for a sister: Nadezhda Pavlovna Vysotskaya, 1958, died on May 15, 2004 in Taldom (Moscow region).

Olga Davydovna Nikitina is looking for her son: Denis Vladimirovich Nikitin, born in 1986, on July 11, 2004, left home and did not return, leaving a note asking him to forgive him and not look for him.

The search history of Olga Bobok (Tsymbalyuk).

The girl is looking for her father and grandmother, Igor and Galina Tsymbalyuk (Dubossary), as well as her grandmother along the line of Alla Makeeva (Gagra).

Olya after the death of her mother came to the orphanage, where she was adopted by Lydia Bobok.

Video from the grandmother of Galina Iosifovna Tsymbalyuk from Moldova.

Meeting in the studio.

Elena Eliseeva from Staraya Russa is looking for Alexander Muromtsev, whom she met at the celebration, he performed in the power show "Russian heroes."

Fragment of the show.

A fragment of the interview with Alexander, a man tells about his dating in Staraya Russa.

Meeting Alexander and Elena in the studio.

Liana Bestavashvili is looking for a half-brother for her father: David Guramovich Bestavashvili, born in 1962, native of the city of Malorita, Brest region, mother's name before marriage Tatyana Oreshkova; After the mother's marriage, the child was replaced by a surname and patronymic (Liana's mother acted).

Tamara Medvedeva (Kazakova) is looking for a sister and a brother: Valentina Kazakova (born in 1937) and Vladimir Kazakov (born in 1938), last meeting in 1958 and 1961, respectively; lived in Moscow.

Vera Alekseevna Gracheva is looking for her son: Sergei Alekseevich Grachev, born 1976, on March 27, 2004 he left and did not return (Sarov).

Filming in Lyubertsy.

On July 7, 2004, a young man entered hospital # 2, who, according to the ambulance, was hit by a car.

Three weeks later, the patient began to recover, but suffers from memory loss; hardly remembered his name: Roman Vitalievich Perevalov, lives in Magadan, he was visiting his brother in Moscow, he does not remember the address.

Kazbek Maksimovich Dzalaev is looking for a school friend and first love to Dina Anatolyevna Shkurgin.

Shooting in the Akhangaran (Okhangaron) region, Tashkent stud farm: old-timers recall the work of Anatoly Shkurgin and the mass destruction of horses during the reign of NS Khrushchev, and a woman named Ularapa turns to Kazbek and tells that she remembers about Dean.

Meeting Kazbek Maksimovich and Dina Anatolyevna in the studio.


Dzalayev K.M. - Soviet breed breeder, director of the Stavropol and Beslan stud farms, deputy chief of the Main Horse Breeding Administration Ministry of Agriculture of the RSFSR, President of the Federation of Equestrian Sport of the RSFSR (1970s), Director of the CMI (1987-1990), President of the International Congress of Socialist Horsehood, Deputy Director of the Voskhod Stud Farm.

Calendar: 09.2004

Locations: Moscow region [788] Tajikistan [215] Uzbekistan [236] Moldova [145]

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