wait me 29.10.2007 (2007)

Telecast №75502, 1 part, duration: 0:39:18
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Inclusion from Chisinau:

Vladimir Ivanovich Lapin, born 1934, looking for his brother: Ivan Lapin, born in 1932, last seen in 1950; presumably in the family was a younger sister.

Maria Zop is looking for her son: Nikolay Zop, born in 1981, disappeared on June 23, 1985 near the station of Mereneshty (Moldova).

Sisters Tatyak Valentina Anatolyevna (1990) and Tatyana Anatolievna (1993) live in boarding school, they are looking for stepbrothers: Mikhail Aleksandrovich Bondarenko and Vladimir Alekseevich Korpak;  grandmother Zinaida Stepanovna Tatyuk was found, a telephone conversation on the air.

Yuri Yefimovich Weinshenker seeks his brothers: Itzik Haymovich (born 1922) and Srul Khaimovich (1923), lost during the war.

Nina Ivanovna Anikina is looking for her son: Oleg Vladimirovich Gavrilyuk, born in 1963, served under contract in Tajikistan, no information since 1999.

Oksana Kotkova is looking for a daughter: Olga Aleksandrovna Kotkova, kidnapped on November 19, 2003 in Stefan Voda, presumably is with her father.

The family is looking for a daughter: Galina Vladimirovna Chalysheva, born in 1974, on July 3, 2003 she left Bender for Krasnodar region, called from the Kalininskaya village, then disappeared.

Irina Sokolova is looking for a mother and elder sister: Valentina Semenovna Blanitsa (born 1929) and Ekaterina Petrovna Blanitsa (22.09.1950).

Valentina Denisenko, born in 1949, is looking for the family of Uncle Valentin Mikhailovich Makarov and his wife Lory Mihnai; After the war he was repressed, was in camps until 1953.

Louisa Ivanovich (Ogly), born in 1985, is looking for relatives, presumably living in Poltava or the Poltava region.


Tamara Maksimovna Gavrilenko (Koval) is looking for a friend of Sergei's youth, whom she met in 1973, presumably lives in Moldova.

Vladimir Semenovich Illarionov is looking for a friend: Fyodor Fyodorovich Saina, served together in the Moscow region in 1970-1972.

Victoria Merkulova is looking for a friend: Sergei Grigorevich Bugaevsky, lives in Moldova, in 2002-2003 was in Moscow on earnings; Sergei was found and invited to a teleconference.

Gennady Nikolaevich Pshuk is looking for a friend: Nikolai Kurchchi from Moldova, served together in Kabul in 1986-1987. On the birthday of Gennady Nikolay went to the task and did not return;  that day he was seriously wounded and sent to the hospital, but he always remembered his birthday and gave him the parcel.

Meeting friends in the studio.

Khalda Daudovna Magamadova 1934 b. looking for sisters: twins Hamsat (1934) and younger Shumisat (1936), lost in 1944 during the deportation of Chechens to Kazakhstan; are adopted from the orphanage, surnames can be changed.

Gennady Leonidovich Smirnov, born in 1937, looking for friends: Victor Konetsky and Viktor Subbotin, members of the crew of the ship MRS-814.

Continuation of school history.

Excerpt from the program of 23.07.2007: Murad Gadzhimuradov and Jalaludin Abdurakhmanov (the director of the school of the village of Tlyaros of the Charodinsky district of Dagestan) announced the search for graduates and Russian teachers and invited them to a meeting in September 2007 to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the opening of the first school in the district.

Meetings at the airport in September.

The teacher remembers her school years on her way to school.

Meetings and celebrations in Tlyaros.

Photos of the missing.

Valery Nikolayevich Shtokolov, in 1996, disappeared from the ship "Tarhankut" during a cargo flight from England to Africa.

Vladimir Ryzhov, August 11, 2006 went to the dacha at the station Sadovaya Kaluga region and did not return; can suffer from a failure in memory.

Artem Tishchenko, 19, disappeared on August 20, 2005 on the beach of the Rossijanka sanatorium in Anapa.

Vladimir Bogdanov, 37 years old, November 30, 2003 went to work in Moscow.

Denis Anatolyevich Tretyakov, 21, served in Vladikavkaz, disappeared in January 2006, did not return to the unit; from the words of a taxi driver, drove the passenger to the checkpoint, but in part he was never seen.

Sergei Kudryavtsev, 27 years old, the latest news came in 2006 from Chelyabinsk.

Guram Mchedlidze, 38, on November 8, 2003, left for Rostov, he did not return home.

Vladimir Fedorovich Aksenov, 49, August 30, 2005 went to a meeting with a friend, were going to go together to the region (Paveletskaya direction), he did not return home.

Vladimir Hamburg, 25 years old, in 2005 came from Makeevka to Moscow for work, disappeared suddenly.

Vlada Lachinyan, born in 1985, looks for a friend of Stefan, met on vacation in Bulgaria in August 2007, lives in Bremen (Germany).

Inna Alexandrovna Zemelko from the Nizhny Novgorod region is looking for a half-brother for his father: Alexander Zemelko, 1971 b.

Videography from Alexander: a man remembers his childhood, meetings with his father, talks about how he became a yachtsman.

Meeting Inna and Alexander in the studio.

Calendar: 07.2007 09.2007

Locations: Moldova [145] Ukraine [229] The Republic of Dagestan [741] St. Petersburg [814]

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