wait me 12.02.2007 (2007)

Telecast №75506, 1 part, duration: 0:40:52
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kvasha Igor. Shukshina Mariya.

Reel №1

The plot from Japan:

Mount Fuji (Fujiyama).

One of the cities in Japan.

A video message of Kiminobu Siju, who is looking for his friends in Russia: Antonina Panteleeva, Nikolai Starostin, Grigory Kostenko.

During the war, Siju was captured and worked at a mine in Kazakhstan.

Chronicle of the 1940s:

The Japanese army.

Military operations in Manchuria.

Captive Japanese soldiers.

Studio in Moscow:

Alla Enakayeva is looking for her daughter, Gulnara Enakayev (born in 1989), who disappeared in 2006 in the Moscow region.

Looking for resident of Kazakhstan Aslhan Muratov (born in 1978), who disappeared in the Moscow region in 2006.

Nikolai Ostroborodov, is looking for a nephew, Evgeni Degtyarev (born in 1980).

Communication with his nephew was interrupted in 2005.

Nikolai Ostroborodov, also searches for former cadets, who graduated from the Moscow Combined Arms School in 1985.

Mikhail Lopatin is looking for his brother Paul, who left for Morocco in 1994 to find work.

Paul managed to find.


Morocco (natural landscape: desert, sand dunes, city).

The broadcast of the program "Gone and did not return" in Morocco is analogous to "Wait for me".

Colleagues from Morocco, during the air, showed photos of people whose relatives turned to "Wait for me" with a request to help in their search.

For its part, the "Wait for Me" editorial team received a similar request: relatives in Morocco are looking for Shukri Hishama, who came to Moscow for training.

Interview of Paul from Morocco.

Meeting brothers in the studio in Moscow.

The Sorokin family is looking for the Kharitonov family.

The men studied together in a military school in Kirovograd.

Presumably the family lives in Kaliningrad.

Live broadcast from Kaliningrad:

The Kharitonovs managed to find.

They turned to their friends - in a studio in Moscow.

In Kaliningrad:

Anatoly Kazarin is looking for his named brother Alik Tomilovsky (born 1937-38).

The family of Tomilovsky, gave shelter to Anatoly, when he fled in 1942 from the train, which was traveling to Germany with the prisoners.

Levitskaya Nina is looking for her son Andrei Hainov (born in 1973).

Disappeared in 2006.

Michael Boston, looking for his father, George Boston, who in 1969 went to Moldova.

Valentina Zabolotnaya, is looking for friends, Gennady, Vasily and Tamara Timashev.

Perhaps they live in Moscow or Moscow region.

Vera Volotovskaya, looking for her brother Vitaly Dyakov (born in 1977).

In 1997 he left for Israel.

Svetlana Taranenko is looking for her childhood friend Vladimir Deryabin (born in 1959).

In the 1990's he lived in Kazakhstan.

Victoria Sorokina is looking for a friend Alisa Abgaryan (born in 1986) with whom studied together in a school in Armenia.

Inna Tsareva is looking for her son, Dmitry Sikyavichus (born in 1989).

Disappeared in the fall of 2005.

Evgenia Evmenova is looking for aunt Alexandra Filk (maiden name Stupak) (born in 1922).

In 1942, she was sent to Germany for forced labor.

Perhaps he lives in France.

Valery Tsaer, is looking for his two aunts and uncle - sisters and brother of his father - Yakov Tsaera (born in 1932).

In 1944 they were sent to Central Asia.

Viktor Zubarev is looking for graduates of the Kaliningrad Military Aviation Technical School: Victor Dyachenko, Valentina Postnova.

Vladimir Krichevsky from Israel is looking for his son Anatoly from Kaliningrad.

In Kaliningrad Vladimir's grandson Klim was found.

A telephone call from the Moscow studio - a connection with Israel (the city of Safed) with Vladimir Krichevsky.

Gratitude to Andrei Bondarenko for his help in finding people.

In the studio in Moscow:

A woman is looking for her friend Russian Cozun.

Presumably resides in Kaliningrad.

Anna Nagibina is looking for her childhood friend, classmate Alexander Budkova, who lives in Kaliningrad.

Alexandra managed to find: a direct link to Kaliningrad.

15-year-old Helmut from Abkhazia, after the death of his parents, wants to find his relatives.

The boy lived in the foster family of Daura Gobi in Gudauta.

The plot from Abkhazia:

The building of the city administration of Gudauta.

Rest zone: coast, beach, sea shore.

Construction work in Gagra.

Interview with Merab Akirtava, Daur Woboy.

Helmut's relatives managed to find.

The plot from Estonia:

Aunt Helmut, who lives in Estonia.

Meeting in the studio in Moscow.

Calendar: 12.02.2007

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