Science and technology № 19 (1960)

Newsreel №75522, 1 part, duration: 0:09:28
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:K.Kogtev, S.Ershov, M.Kaufman, E.Eratov
Camera operators:V.Pahomov, L.Aristakesyanc, M.Kaufman,


1. Industry - new equipment!- about the new drilling machine with software control. 2. Bio-currents in diagnostics-about a new diagnostic method in ophthalmology - electroretinography. 3. The rival of steel-about the production of fiberglass-a particularly strong and lightweight material. 4. Winged ship-about the hydrofoil ship "Meteor".

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Industry - new equipment!.

drilling a part.

The worker makes a marking before drilling.

Automatic multi-position line.

The worker sets the program for the machine.

A new drilling machine with software control is in operation.

2. Bio-currents in diagnostics.

People walk in front of the sanatorium.

The patient is in the doctor's office.

Experiments on animals.

The patient is in the electroretinography room.

Diagram of the new diagnostic method.

Electroretinogram of healthy and diseased retina.

The doctor examines the patient's electroretinogram.

3. Steel's rival.

A man stands on a slab of glass and plastic.

Products made of fiberglass.

The loom weaves the fabric from glass threads.

The fiberglass harness is wound on the bobbins.

Shredded tourniquet.

The sprayer binds the moistened threads.

The non-woven canvas comes out of the drying chamber.

The non-woven fabric is impregnated with synthetic resin.

Fiberglass products.

4. Winged ship.

Embankment of the River Station.

River boat on the pier.

A. N. Tuprolev goes up the ladder to the ship.

The interior of a riverboat.

"Meteor" departs from the pier.

Hydrofoil boat.

The layout of the ship.

The designer of the "Meteor" R. E. Alekseev at the helm of the "Meteor".


Tupolev A.N. -aviakonstruktor, general-polkovnik-inzhener, doktor tehnicheskih nauk. Akademik AN SSSR. Geroj Truda. Trizhdi Geroj Socialisticheskogo Truda.

Locations: Ukraine [229] Armenia [12] Moscow [820]


Yerevan Eye Clinic Glass Fiber Research Institute

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