Science and technology № 15 (1971)

Newsreel №75531, 1 part, duration: 0:10:14
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:K.Kogtev, G.Chubakova, N.Gorodeckij
Screenwriters:M.Chertkov, L.Pikalev, R.Gizunterman, T.Kornienko
Text authors:L.Pikalev


1. Plasma knife-about a new method of cutting steel sheets.. 2. In the fight against atherosclerosis-about a new method of treatment of blood clots in blood vessels. . 3. Reliable protection-about the creation of gas and heat protection suits for working in extreme conditions. 4. Innovators of the service of everyday life (TV sets)- about a new approach to public service .

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Plasma knife.

Ship construction.

Welding of the hull skin.

Steel sheet cut by autogen.

The worker cleans the edges.

A sheet cut by plasma.

The woman at the control panel.

Automatic line .

Drawing on transparent film.

The photocopy device marks the sheets of steel.

2. In the fight against atherosclerosis.

People's faces (photos).

A man in a hospital bed.

The doctor examines the patient.

X-ray of blood vessels.

Academician B. V. Petrovsky and Doctor of Medical Sciences M. D. Knyazev consider X-ray images.

Vessels requiring replacement.

Artificial vessels.

The operation is underway.

Blood flow is restored.

3. Reliable protection.

Testing of a gas-heat-proof spacesuit: a man in a spacesuit stacks bricks at a temperature of 110 degrees Celsius.

The water in the flask, which is held by a man in a spacesuit, boils.

Another protective suit.

Portable refrigeration unit attached to the suit.

People in protective suits in the mine.

4. Innovators of the service of everyday life.

Two men carry the TV out of the apartment, carry it up the stairs.

The men put the TV in the car.

The TV sets are on the shelves in the workshop.

The chief engineer of the Moscow Teletrest Samoilov and the chief engineer of the engineer of the TV Studio No. 6 Popov are discussing something.

The master removes the chassis from the TV, leaving the case and the kinescope in the apartment.

The building of the TV studio.

Masters of the TV studio at work.


Petrovskij B.V. -uchenij-hirurg i obschestvennij deyatelj, akademik AN SSSR Knyazev M.D. -uchenik B.V. Petrovskogo, izvestnij serdechno-sosudistij hirurg.

Locations: Ukraine [229] Moscow [820]

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