wait me 15.10.2007 (2007)

Telecast №75565, 1 part, duration: 0:41:05
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Memory loss, history No. 51, shooting in Italy and Lithuania.

Nikolay Tsoy was found beaten in the Italian town of Calabria and taken to a psychiatric hospital; at first no one even understood what language he spoke.

The investigation went into a deadlock, but then it unexpectedly progressed after the visit of a Russian woman living in Italy to the kiosk of the program at the Kazan railway station, and also after the connection of the Lithuanian television program "Independent search service".

The plot includes fragments of interviews with members of the family of Nikolai and his neighbors in Italy and Lithuania, all this helps to restore the overall picture of the incident.

At the time of the release of the program, Nikolai is at home, with his brother Oleg, daughter Tatyana and her children.


Olga Frias, born 1946, is looking for her husband: Jorge Frias, a citizen of Bolivia, studied in the USSR in 1963-1969, then returned to his homeland, the last letter came in January 1973.

Antonina Ivanovna Volotskaya is looking for a friend of Vera Semyonovna Babich (Shcherbanenko), with whom she became friends during the war; video from Vera for a friend; meeting in the studio.

Khurshid Yuldashev, born in 1977, is looking for Natalia Vyacheslavovna Kibitkin, whom he met on the plane from Tashkent to Moscow in February 2007, both residents of Tashkent.

Kristina Andreevna Pavlichenko, 1985, looking for a friend of Lucca Michelangelo-Salvatore, the connection was interrupted in June 2007.

Wanted Ilgar Geybatov, born in 1974, served in Azerbaijan, April 17, 1994 went to the intelligence service and did not return.

Irina Valentinovna Naumova, born in 1961, is looking for Alexander Y. Budakov, whom she met in 1987 at a tourist center near St.

Petersburg; young people wanted to get married, but the circumstances were different.

September 21, 1990, Irina's son Konstantin was born; Alexander once came, when the child was a year and a half, then left and disappeared.

Videography from Alexander on his way from Ekaterinburg to Moscow.

Meeting in the studio.

Photos of the missing:

Igor Anatolyevich Kartashov, 37, on May 28, 2006 left Kurgan for Penza, did not reach his destination, presumably left the train in Chapayevsk, Samara region.

Olga Fedorovna Kindzerskaya, born in 1948, lived in Moscow, the connection was interrupted in 2006.

Irina Plotnikova, 35 years old, left the house on January 1, 2000; according to the police, crossed the Estonian border on January 5, heading for St.


Roman Titarenko, 26 years old, disappeared on September 11, 2004 in Sochi.

Alexander Loginov, 22, left home on April 23, 2007 for an interview about the work and did not return.

Lyubov Mikhailovna Chaplygin is looking for her son: on July 13, 2007, Vladimir Chaplygin went to Serpukhov to work with his friend Andrei; after a while the friend returned home, but Volodya disappeared.

Video from the kiosk program at the Kazan station: the young man tells the story of his travels and attempts to make money.

Meeting with the mother in the studio.

Locations: Italy [110] Lithuania [128] Rostov region [798] Sverdlovsk region [803]

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