Science and technology № 12 (1962)

Newsreel №75582, 1 part, duration: 0:10:14
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:K.Kogtev, B.Lyahovskij, I.Frolov
Camera operators:B.Mahov


1. Sea Energy - to the National Economy-on the construction of tidal power plants on the Barents and White Seas- 2. The new property of glass-about the photosensitive properties of glass and their use. 3. High-speed pipe casting-about the method of high-speed pipe casting introduced at the Mogilev Metallurgical Plant. 4. In the name of man - about typhlopedagogue N. Semevsky and his inventions for teaching blind children.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. The energy of the sea - to the national economy.

Excitement at sea.

Engineers at the layout of the tidal power plant.

L. B. Bernstein-Group Leader.

The scheme of the tidal station(animation).

Research works on the shore of the Barents Sea.

Blasting operations.

Map of the location of tidal power plants on the shores of the White Sea.

2. New property of glass.

A woman in the laboratory presents a light-sensitive glass to photopyrokers.

Experiments in the laboratory demonstrating the properties of photopyrokeram.

3. High-speed pipe casting.

Installation for casting cast iron pipes.

The scheme of the installation (animation).

Casting of pipes at the Mogilev Metallurgical Plant.

4. In the name of man.

Students at recess.

The girl "reads" the book with her fingers.

Teacher of the school for the blind N. A. Semevsky in the office.

The teacher draws a square with a paste that makes the drawing convex.

The guys make three-dimensional models out of plasticine.

The girl sculpts a three-dimensional drawing of a dinosaur.

Works performed by blind children.

N. Semevsky with the drawing and drawing device invented by him.

The guys are working with the Semevskkogo device.

A blind student works on a machine.

A girl sews on a sewing machine.

A blind girl is typing on a typewriter.

Two girls knitting.

A lesson in a school for the blind.

Key words

Energy industry


Semevskij N.A. -tiflopedagog, tiflografik, zasluzhennij uchitelj shkoli RSFSR.

Locations: Murmansk region [789] Belarus [845] Moscow [820]

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