Mechanization and automation in textile production (1985)

Film №75618, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:48
Production: LSDF
Camera operators:Yu.Chizhevskij


Modern production of cotton fabrics. Modern technological solutions. Introduction of automated control systems of technological processes in finishing production.

Reel №1

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Summer landscape.

The tractor carries out agricultural work in the field.

Watering the field with water.

Raw cotton.

Girls walk across the field with cotton.

Combines harvest cotton.

Cotton storage areas.

View of the playground from the plane.

Bales of cotton.

Previously, they sorted cotton from bales with their hands.

Automatic disassembly of kip.

The advantage of this disassembly is that the technology of primary processing of cotton into textiles begins with this operation.

Continuous mixers.

Kalinin Cotton Mill.

The pre-cleaned mass of cotton is divided into fibers on trepanning machines.

There is no manual labor on the entire line.

The process of processing cotton into ribbon continues.

Carding machines are working.

The production technology goes into the open space.

A ribbon made of pure cotton fits into large-diameter basins.

Cotton ribbon production waste - carbon monoxide.

The waste still contains a lot of cotton, so they are allowed to be re-processed.

Formation of kip.

Processing on tape machines.

Processing of tape breakage.

A backup unit has been created on the tape machine and when the tape breaks, the tape from the backup unit begins to be fed.

The ribbon of six additions obtained on these machines completes the second bale - tape transition.

Automatic feeding of small diameter basins.

Machine spinning.

Spinning at the Kalininsky Combine is automated.

There are a lot of flowers in the shop.

Cotton dust kills plants and the presence of flowers shows that the environment is in a normal state.

Manual shooting of wound babins, installation of cartridges.

A babin-laying machine works in a modern workshop.

The removal of wound babins and the installation of cartridges is carried out automatically.

The puller, moving from the beginning of the machine and replacing the babins, as if sucks the thread and puts it on an empty cartridge.

The removed babins are put on rapiers mounted on carts.

The conveyor takes the filled trolley to the weaving production.

Weaving machines are working.

The history of the "Contract of Thousands".

The newest modification of the loom is a micro shuttle.

The width of the fabric produced is twice as large as on conventional machines.

Multi-seed looms.

Machine operation in slow motion.

A new machine, designed in the USSR and built in Italy.

Key words

Cotton production technology.
Weaving industry

Locations: Kalinin


Kalininsky cotton mill.

Reel №2

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The rolls of severity are sent further along the technological chain.

Before disassembling the severity, it is necessary to sew the rolls.

Manual stitching of flaps.

The deputy chief engineer of the Kalinin Combine V.L. Novikov tells.

Drawing of an automated flap stitching line.

Fabric after bleaching.

The device of airlift-pneumatic dosing of chemicals during bleaching.

The new system improves the quality of bleaching.

Quality control of bleaching.

Old methods of work - manual preparation of paint.

Airlift siphon paint dispensers.

Automatic preparation of dyes.

The paint is piped to the printing shop.

Hand engraving of shafts for painting fabric.

Mechanical electronic engraving machine.

Shafts for printing a pattern on fabric.

Warehouse shafts.

The shaft is taken to the fabric printing shop.

Remote control for communication with an automated process control system with dispatching information.

Says the deputy head of the ACS department Yu.O. Pashkov.

Operation of magnetic media on a computer.

Print quality control line.

Demonstration of models of clothing sewn from the fabrics of the Kalinin cotton Mill.

Key words

Automation of the technological process.


Novikov V.L., zamestitelj glavnogo inzhenera. Pashkov Yu.O., zam.nachaljnika otdela ASU.

Locations: Kalinin


Kalinin Cotton Mill.

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