Soviet Country Tyumenia.. (1974)

Film-document №7570 5 parts, Duration: 0:50:02 to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Artseulov O.

Script writers: Artseulov O., Kublickiy G.

Operators: Artseulov O., Voinov O.

Composers: Ter-Tatevosyan D.

Anouncers: Kolychev U.

Text writers: Kublickiy G.


The film tells about the realization of Lenin's plan of turning Siberia into the greatest power-producing and industrial base of the country.

Temporary description

The film is dedicated to development of oil and gas fields in the Tyumen region. Part I. Landscapes of the Tyumen region. Helicopter in the air. Types of Tyumen. Holiday reindeer in one of the farms. Surgut. Ob river. River port. Kindergarten. Types of Nizhnevartovsk. 1 st September in one of the villages. Motion all-terrain vehicle in the tundra. Airport at night. Scientist Geophysicist, discoverer of oil fields of the Tyumen region, LN Kabaev playing chess, flying in a helicopter, plane, gives an interview (in sync and behind the scenes), works in seismic expedition in the home with family, playing the piano ( h. am I, II). Part II. Job seismic expedition. Port of Arkhangelsk. Loading and unloading operations. Ships in the White Sea. Personnel news: Arctic expeditions in different years. Kara Sea. Cape Kharasavey. Unloading the ship. (II - III am am ) Part III. Kara Sea. Walrus in the sea. Survey diving operations. Drilling. Unloading of aircraft and helicopters. Drillers at work, in gullies, in his leisure hours. The reindeer herders of Yamal-Nenets region of the work and at home. Town Gas-Sale. English lesson in school. Patients in the township hospital. Petroleum-rotational personnel at rest in the base village. The city of Tyumen. Airport. The buildings of ancient and modern architecture. Part IV. Construction of the pipeline. Handling cargo in the aircraft "Antey". Russian winter festival is held in Nizhnevartovsk in Khanty-Mansi National District. Passing three horses. Acts ensemble Samotlor. Komsomolskaya wedding. Movement of wedding cars. Night landscape of the tundra. Photographer photographing citizens. Record TV shows in the television studio Nizhnevartovsk. Personnel news: drilling in Mezhokskom deposit gusher. Part V. Oilmen G. Petrov, G. Levin, G. I. Norkin give interviews (synchronously). Head Glavtyumenneftegaza VI Muravlenko at work, gives an interview (synchronously). Production processes in the oil industry.

Reel №1

Drilling at sunset - LS., Hitting.

Drillers at work - LS., MS., CU.

Devices - CU., PNRM.

It takes a man with a dog at sunset - LS.

Landscapes Tyumen from the helicopter: the sea and the shore, marsh river - LS.

Drilling - LS. (Helicopter).

The pilots in the cockpit of a helicopter - MS., PNRM.

Man of the helicopter - LS., MS., PNRM.

Wheel of a helicopter in the mud - MS.

Helicopter takes off - LS.

Tyumen: building with columns and flowers in front of the - MS., PNRM., CU.

People on the street, in the park - MS., LS. (Summer).

Horse festival at the Hippodrome in Tyumen: running horse - CU.; Horse takes barrier - LS.; Man throws a lasso - MS.

Reindeer racing - LS., PNRM.

A man jumps over the sled - LS.

Nenets girl with a camera - MS.

Nenets boy with a toy - CU., PNRM.

Photographed girl-Nenets - LS.

Floating on the sea ice - LS.

Sailing boat - LS.

The port cranes working Surgut - MS.

The yard of the kindergarten in Surgut - LS., PNRM.

Street Surgut - MS. (Spring).

Street Nizhnevartovsk - MS.

Passers-by, a girl with flowers in the street - MS., LS.

Baby in car trunk - MS.

Beach - LS. (Summer).

Autumn landscape, river - LS., MS., PNRM.

Leaves floating on water - MS.

Girl - a first grader - CU.

Running girl with a bouquet of flowers - LS.

The teacher in the class at the docks - MS.

Oleg Suwanee and the other boys write an essay - CU.

Oleg gets in ATV and ride it - MS.

ATV driver - MS.

Terrain vehicle rides on the water - LS., CU.; On the road - CU.; Slips - MS.

Men enclose trunks under the tracks - MS., CU.

All-terrain vehicle in the mud - LS. (Autumn).

Night airfield landing - LS., MS.

Night settlement - MS.

Hand on a chessboard - CU.

Geophysics Lenin Prize winner Leonid bondage and Vladimir Lavrent'evich Tsybenko play chess - MS., CU.

Geophysicists house in the snow - LS.

Snow - CU.

Antenna in the snow - MS.

LN Kabaev is in the house, coming to the map, wrote at the table, talking on the radio (synchronous) - Various.

The hand on the radio - CU.

Hands imps - CU.

LN Kabaev talks about his arrival in Nizhnevartovsk (synchronous) - MS.

Reel №2

LN boars and other geophysics out of the house, lights - MS.

On a snowy field passing aircraft - LS.

ATV rides - LS.

LN Kabaev talking with the pilot - MS.

Pilot petting a dog - MS.

Dog - CU.

Plane takes off - CU.

LN boars and other men on the plane playing cards - different.

Aircraft wing - CU.

Shooting from the plane: villages, snow-covered fields - LS.

LN Kabaev looks airplane window - CU.

Tundra, ATV rides - LS. (With motion).

LN boar house seismic stations - LS.

Go through and talk Geophysics - LS., MS.

Village - LS.

By rover attached house - LS., PNRM.

All-terrain vehicle trails house - LS.

The man at the radio - LS.

A man pushes a button - MS.

Explosions - LS., MS.

Light up the numbers on the instruments-recorders - CU., MS.

LN boars and other geophysical talk, suitable for the aircraft - MS.

Flying aircraft - LS.

Cabin in the snow (evening) - MS., CU.

LN Kabaev the table - MS.

Costume Kabaeva Wall - MS.

Hands on drawings - CU., PNRM.

Home base in the village (shot through the window) - MS.

LN Kabaev home with his wife and son - are different., Playing the piano, reading - MS.

The cat plays - LS.

Cars passing seismic crews - LS.

LN Kabaev - CU.

Sky - LS.

Port of Arkhangelsk - MS.

Cargo ships "Istra" and "Poltava" in port - MS., CU., PNRM.

Man directs loading troops explorers - MS.

Boats at sea - LS.

Motor vessel Arctic voyage "Nemirovich - Danchenko," and others in the sea - LS.

Waving flags - MS.

Bow - LS.

Trucks on the ship - LS., CU.

Sailors at work - CU., MS.

The ship is on the Northern Sea Route - CU.

A man looks out of the window - LS., CU.

Cigarette in hand - CU.

Binoculars - CU.

Seagull flying over water - LS.

Newsreel 1912-1914.:

The landing of the polar expedition Sedov: people go, carry gear.

Cemetery, funeral.

People pulling a boat.

Sinking ship.

The ship goes through the ice.

Band on the ship.

The landing of the polar expedition ship "Georgy Sedov": are people with torches.

Are the members of the expedition.

People are dragging the plane.

The pilots in the cockpit.

The members of the polar expedition "North Pole - 1" of the plane, set the tent with the words "Soviet Glavsevmorput" sit down at the tent.

Newsreel 1937:

Read the cameramen.

Blizzard sweeps in the tundra.

Bow of the ship at sea.

Ship "Nemirovich - Danchenko" in the sea - LS., PNRM., CU.

A cable ship - CU.

Kara Sea - CU., LS.

Unloading the ship at sea near Cape Harasavey: tractor and other equipment installed and carry on rafts - different.

Deck ship - MS.

Unloading in stormy weather - MS.

Boat sails - LS., MS.

Reel №3

Ship "Nemirovich - Danchenko" in port Harasavey, discharge from the ship on rafts - LS., MS.

The boat carries the load - MS.

Tractor driven cargo - MS., CU.

Men smoke - CU.; Pull rope - LS.

Walrus in the sea - MS.

Dog - CU.

Divers to dive in the water, heated by the fire - MS., LS.

Helicopter lands - LS., PNRM.

Drillers unload and carry things - LS., MS., CU.

It should be a helicopter in the foreground of a sign saying "Harasavey» - LS.

Boxes loaded on the shore of Cape Harasavey - LS.

Drilling in the foreground plane rides - LS.

ATVs are on the snow - MS. high point.

Cabin in the snow, is visible in the lights of drilling - MS.

Young drillers in the house smoke, play chess, play the guitar - Various.

Dog - MS.

Wall with pictures on the wall gun - MS., LS.

Drilling in the evening and during the day - LS.

Drillers at work - different.

Roof tent - CU.

Fireplace in the tent - CU.

They sit and smoke herders - MS.

Nenets boy with a dog - MS.

Secretary of the District Party Committee Tadovskogo Anatoly Solovyev talks with herders in the tent - MS.

Matchbox in his hands - CU.

He runs a herd of deer and a dog - CU.

Deer stand - MS.

Herders with herd - MS., CU.

A. Soloviev speaks with Nenets reindeer herders in the tundra - MS.

Nenets woman with a child - MS.

Nenets enters the house - LS.

Admission furs - LS.

A. Soloviev and driller Gennady quick passes and talking in the street of the village base gas-Sale - LS., MS.

Construction of residential houses in the village - MS., PNRM.

Dog sitting in the house - MS.

English class at the school: the children and the teacher said (synchronously) - LS., CU.

Tape - CU.

Writes Nenets girl - CU.

Baby weighed at the doctor's - MS.

Legs and arms baby - CU.

Men at the doctor's - MS.

The dentist treats a woman - MS., CU.

Grow cucumbers - MS.

Drilling in the winter - LS., PNRM.

Dogs in the snow - LS.

Arrival regular watch on the drilling, loading things - MS., PNRM.

Working in the permafrost: work welders - LS., MS.; Pipe couple - CU.

Men are steamed in the sauna - MS., CU.

A child in the crib, playing with the newspaper "Oilman» - MS.

A man takes the child out of the crib, plays with it - LS., MS.

A. Soloviev speaks with construction workers on the street and in the office - MS., LS.

Air terminal in Tyumen - MS.

A. Soloviev passes on the street - MS.

There is a group of skiers - LS.

PNRM. from the old to the new wooden building - MS.

Tree felling - CU., MS., PNRM.

Old log house - MS.

Cat in the box - MS.

Passing trucks - MS.

A sign that says "The monument of wooden architecture of the second half of XIX century.

Is under the protection of the state »- MS., Hitting.

The new building with the words "Home, boys, your hearts» - LS.

The new district of Tyumen - LS., Departure.

A. Soloviev is a building of the Regional Committee of the CPSU and out of the building management - MS., PNRM.

Street Tyumen - MS. (Winter).

The settlement - LS.

Comes with a cargo barge - MS.

Fishermen with nets - MS.

Fish Online - MS., PNRM.

A. Soloviev speaks with fishermen - MS., LS. (Summer).

Cost helicopter - LS.; Rotating propellers - CU.

Go drillers - MS., PNRM.; Sit in the helicopter - CU.

The helicopter takes off - LS.

Shop factory - MS.

Worked as a welder - MS., LS.

ATV rides - MS. (Winter).

Finished houses - LS., PNRM.

Passing trucks with the ground - different.

Reel №4

Construction of the road: tractors shoveling snow to freezing Marsh - LS., MS.

Excavators loaded on trucks to cover the permafrost peat from the sun - LS.

Dump trucks drive through dumped peat - different.

Engineer, Foreman excavation Sonia Mahnateeva directs the work, talking to workers - LS. (Winter).

The car carries a pipe pipeline (shot through the pipe) - MS.

Pipe laying - MS., LS.

Welders welded pipes - LS., MS.

Drying, cleaning and wrapping of pipes - are different.

Cargo plane lands "Antey» - LS.

Loading equipment in the aircraft "Antey» - MS., LS.

The aircraft "Antey" takes off - LS., PNRM.

Holiday to winter in Nizhnevartovsk: the people in the square, people are dancing - LS., MS.

People of different nationalities - CU.

A boy climbs down from the post - MS.

Performance of actors on the open stage - MS., PNRM.

Passing three horses, children are running - LS.

Amateur ensemble performs "Samotlor" (indoors) - MS.

Crane Nina sings Bundu Moldovan song (synchronously) - MS., CU.

Percussion playing welder Yuri Devil - LS.

Locksmith Nikolai Kireyev plays guitar - MS.

N. Bund, Yu Devil, N. Kireev at work - MS.

The bride and groom - CU.

Doll in the wedding car - CU.

The couple and the guests go and sit in the car - MS., LS., PNRM.

Looks old - MS.

Drive through wedding car - different.

Luba and the couple kissing in the car Fedor - MS.

Congratulate the newlyweds - MS., PNRM., Hitting.

Parrot Cage in kindergarten - CU.

Luba Achiikanova teacher in kindergarten - MS., CU.

The driver is driving F. Radchenko - MS.

Tundra - LS. (Helicopter).

Drilling - MS., LS.

Moon - LS.

Sunrise - LS.

Drillers go to work - LS.

Are the buses - CU.

Workers stand at the bus, say hello, get in the bus - different.

Photo lab - MS.

Photographed by an elderly woman with a small child - MS.

Photographed young couples - different.

Smiling girl in a headscarf - CU.

Telepult Nizhnevartovsk studio - CU.

Cameramen at work - MS., PNRM.

Studios - LS.

Heroes of Socialist Labor Grigory Petrov Gennady Levin prepare for telecast of socialist competition - MS.

Sitting at a table competing teams Levine and Petrov - MS.

Borer said pioneering Grigory Norkin (synchronously).

Playing GM Levin, Peters and the members of their team (synchronous) - Various.

Newsreel 60's.:

Fountain of oil - MS.

A man takes a sample of oil - LS.

Oil in the hands - CU., PNRM.; People try oil.

Overlap tap oil gusher - MS., CU.

Applaud men smeared with oil - MS.

Downloading oilman - MS.

Reel №5

Continued telecast of competing teams Levine and Petrov: Team members talking, laughing - different.

Camera - MS.

Hands record - MS.

GI says Norkin (synchronous) - MS.

Brigadier GK Petrov talks to drillers on the rig - MS., Departure.

Petrov's team at work - different.

Hero of Socialist Labor, professor, member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Lenin and State prizes, head Glavtyumenneftegaza Viktor Muravlenko talking on the phone in the office, tells Driller - the foreman of the Tyumen region (synchronous) - MS.

Drilling - LS., CU.

Levine's team at work - MS.

Levin at work - CU.; Leads teachers to drill, talking to teachers, talking about himself (synchronous) - Various.

Drillers give autographs teachers - LS.

Drilling - LS. (Helicopter).

Brigadier Engineer Viktor China is in the house, undresses, looks magazine - LS.

Visible through the window drilling - MS.

VV Kitaev talks about his team (synchronously) - MS.

V. Kitaev and his team are working on a drilling laboratory - different.

Oil wells - LS., MS.

Waving flags - LS.

Neftebaki - LS.

Unit - MS.

Power lines in the forest - LS.

Power house - LS., PNRM.

HPS inside - MS.

Control panel HPP - LS.

Welders at work - LS. (With motion).

Along the river bank is a train - MS.

Construction of the bridge - LS. (Autumn).

ATVs driven tube - MS., LS.

It takes work - LS.

Driven tower - LS., CU., PNRM.

On the beach ride trucks - MS., LS.

Plane takes off - MS.

Cockpit - MS.

Oil pipeline - LS.

Workers - CU.

Man spins crane - MS.

Lights gas blowout (starting gas) - LS.

Men look, talk - MS., CU.

Gas flame - CU.