Science and technology № 9 (1963)

Newsreel №75774, 1 part, duration: 0:10:15
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)


Pervouralsky novotrubny plant. Automatic control of seamless pipe production processes. Development of the All-Union Research Institute of Testing Machines and Devices: scales-sensor for weighing large-sized cargo, for example, aircraft, railway trains. Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR Energy Institute named after I. G. Esman. An experiment on the use of fire for the extraction of oil from wells used by the conventional method of producing oil. Production line of processing, cleaning, preparation of semi-finished products from potatoes.

Reel №1

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"Start of a big business".

Pervouralsky novotrubny plant.

Seamless pipe rolling shop.

The worker controls the movement of the steel rods.

Steel rods are fed into the furnace.

Shop with furnaces.

Red-hot rods are cut.

The worker controls the machine.

The operator watches the shop from the cab.

Steel blank-sleeve.

Pipe on the conveyor.

Cutting pipes with a circular saw.

Induction furnaces.

Animation-giving the desired diameter to the pipe.

The worker walks along the wall with automatic control.

Finished pipes on the cooling table.

"Unusual scales»

The plane is on the runway.

Hands collect scales for weighing the plane.

The sensor is attached to the aircraft.

Cart with measuring device, employee.

The hand twists the handle.

Animation - the principle of operation of the aircraft weighing sensor.

Sensor details.

Laboratory at the All-Union Research Institute of Testing Machines and Devices.

The car rides on the rails.

The sensor is under the rails.

The numbers are burning.

Counting machine.

Numbers are printed on the tape.

The dispatcher at the counting machine.

The train is going.

"The second birth of wells»



Landscape, PNRM.

Plate "Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR Energy Institute named after I. G. Esman".

Workers install the tower.

Animation - operation of the well.

The employee enables the installation.


The employee turns the valve.

The employee removes the indicators from the devices.

The tower is working.

Meeting of scientists.

Building, street.

"On the conveyor... potatoes»

The cook carries a plate.

Dishes with potatoes.

A truck passes by, potatoes in boxes.

Hands press the keys on the device.

Potatoes are poured into the tray.

Vibration washer system.

Water is poured over the potatoes.

Potatoes are poured into the oven.

Potatoes without peel on the conveyor.

Hands cut off the eyes from the potatoes.

Washing potatoes.

Potatoes are loaded on the scales.


Sliced potatoes on the conveyor belt.

Sliced potatoes are fried by the machine.

Fried potatoes in a plate.

A set table.

People eat.

Key words

Assembly-line production, automatic production, oil production, re-production of oil, production line of processing potatoes, potatoes, food, foods, dining, introduction of scientific developments into production

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