Science and technology № 6 (1969)

Newsreel №75843, 1 part, duration: 0:09:36
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Hripunova L.
Editor:Levin A.
Camera operators:Voronin V.
Text authors:Pikalev L.
Sound mixer:Romanov A.


"The unborn patient". Medical examination of the foetus in the womb and infants. "Ergonomics". Selection of fonts for the inscriptions on a road sign by using scientific research methods. "Instead of a brush and scraper". The invention Klimov I. S. automatic mechanism for cleaning beer vats from the inside. "Advises electronics". Survey students using electronic machines for the drawing up of a psychological portrait.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"The unborn patient."

Photos of mothers with children.

Photos of pregnant women.

Babies in a hospital cart.

Pregnant woman in the ward.

Fetal cardiogram.

Cardiological apparatus.

The patient puts on an oxygen mask.

The doctor gives an injection.

The doctor monitors the device with a photometer.

Indicators of devices.

Ultrasound examination.

The baby's face.

The baby is being electroencephalographed.


A passenger car is driving along the road.

The index "Podrezkovo".

Books with fonts.

On the screen, the labels blink.

Signpost "100", columns along the road.

The driver is in the cab.

Electrodes are connected to the test subject.

Eye Movement Research Laboratory.

Image of the car.

Remote control, buttons, light bulbs.

The operator at the control panel.

"Instead of a brush and scraper."

Hands pour beer into mugs.

Vats of beer.

Trekhgorny brewery named after A. E. Badaev.

An employee examines the vat.

Plaque on the walls of the vat.

An employee washes the vat from the inside.

Automatic mechanism of Ivan Semenovich Klimov for washing vats.

A hand writes in chalk on a sign.

They put the beer on the table from the tray.

"Advises electronics".

A schoolboy walks in the door.

Cabinet with electronic devices.

School class, children at their desks.

The student presses the button.

The numbers light up on the screen.

Data feed.

The hand rotates the disk.

A hand with a pencil leads the rod.

The boy speaks into the microphone.

Teachers study the survey data.

Key words

sterile bandages, medical gowns, neonatal, medical equipment, scales for babies, scientific experimentation, alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, invention, food industry,

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