Science and technology № 20 (1976)

Newsreel №75927, 1 part, duration: 0:09:54
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:A. Burmiskij, A. Tkachev, L. Hripunova, Yu. Berenshtejn, K. Kasumov
Screenwriters:M. Gurjyanova, Yu. Osipov, N. Ruchinskaya, A. Tkachenko, M. Chertkov
Camera operators:K. Andreev, V. Voronin
Text authors:V. Kapitonovskij
Other authors:L. Levin


"The computer chooses the route." Route design using electronic computers (computers) at the Gubkin Institute of Petrochemical and Gas Industry, Moscow. "Performance and quality". "Institute of Nitrogen Industry and Organic Synthesis Products" (GIAP), Moscow. Development of new polymers (polymer materials). "The sun... and the harvest." Using artificially created solar activity to irradiate plant seeds. Creation of new, more stable and fruitful plant varieties. "Return to the world of sounds". Performing an operation on the inner ear by Professor of medicine Radugin K. B., installing prostheses of the inner ear to the patient, returning hearing to the patient.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Shooting the ground from the air.

Laying of main pipes.

The hand runs a pencil over the map.

Tractors are coming.

The crane carries rails with sleepers.

"The computer chooses the route."

Gubkin Institute of Petrochemical and Gas Industry, Moscow.

Employees confer.

Maps of the area for the route.

Map legend.

The hand writes in graphs.

The employee enters the data into the computer.

The hand takes the punch cards from the machine.

Magnetic tapes are spinning in computers (electronic computers).

Computer screen with the route.

Pipes on the highway are wrapped.

TV tower in Moscow.

The boat is floating on the river.

Zhiguli on the conveyor.

Samples of home furniture.

"Performance and quality".

Building, road, driving cars.

Plate "Institute of Nitrogen Industry and Organic Synthesis Products" (GIAP), Moscow.

Retorts, the liquid boils in the flask.

A scientist in the laboratory.

Installation rotary film evaporator.

Animation - the operation of the evaporator.

The scientist takes a statement.


Harvesters are reaping.

"The sun... and the harvest."

Solar flares.

The scientist conducts an experiment with seeds.

The scientist controls the helio installation.

Seeds in a petri dish.

Experiments in the laboratory with seeds.

Xenon irradiates the seeds.


Birches - PNRM.

"Return to the world of sounds".

The patient's face.

Says doctor Radugin K. B.-professor of the Moscow Research Institute of the Ear, Throat, Nose.

The patient puts on headphones.

The patient presses the button.

The doctor switches the levers of the device.

The doctor looks at the papers at the table.

The patient is undergoing surgery.

The surgeon looks through the microscope.

Tweezers, dentures, syringe, scissors.

Surgery inside the ear.

Go doctor and patient.

Shooting among the trees.

Key words

breeding, chemistry, agriculture, computer science, construction, mining, punched cards, operating,


Radugin K.B. – professor Moskovskogo nauchno-issledovateljskogo instituta uha, gorla, nosa.

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824] Day [828]

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