Science and technology № 20 (1979)

Newsreel №76002, 1 part, duration: 0:09:19
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Shkarina V., Kaplunov L., Vinogradov V., Gendeljman O., Virubov V.
Screenwriters:Glebov B., Vinogradov V., Vasiljev M., Pikalev L.
Editor:Mahova I.
Text authors:Biljchinskij V.
Sound mixer:Roginskaya N.


The problems of drilling super-deep channels in nonmetallic materials. 4. "Through a foam pillow" Insurance of athletes during the training of jumps in the water.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"Science - five-year period.

Gasoline from coal".

Eastern Siberia from the plane.

Panorama of the career.

The bucket of the excavator.

The bulldozer in the quarry.

Kansk-Achinsk quarry.

Panorama of the career.

A chemical laboratory.

Brown coal is poured into the container.

Close-up: dark liquid in a glass beaker.

Laboratory reactor.

Indicators of pressure and temperature.

The flask drips the finished product of processing of coal - gas.

A group of scientists in the laboratory.

The athlete jumps in length.

Athlete vault takes the bar.

Gymnast on the bar.

The athlete jumps over the bar.

Athlete on the diving Board into the water.

Water and air pillow in the pool.

Jump from the tower into the water for a foam pillow.


Tanks for compressed air.

Freight train with tank cars.

People in the world of technology.

"Good luck!"

Test track.

Cars on highways demonstrate the reliability of the machines (the machine rides on two left wheels).

Car and bus medico-physiological laboratory VASE on the street.

Psycho-physiological examination of the candidates in the drivers.

The doctor conducting the examination at the instruments.

Big table with numbers and a pointer.

The face of the subject.

The hand with the stopwatch.

The face of another subject.

Tape with a curve that registered the reaction.

The doctor fills the card to the driver.

VAZ on the road.

The flow of cars on the street.

"Being introduced.

Diamond sting".

The entrance to the Institute of superhard materials

Long thin drill bit.

The man is holding a thick plastic plate.

Long drill on the table.

Drill faux diamond.

Drilling long plate diamond drill.

The man takes the drill out of the hole.

"On the threshold of the Olympics-80. Through a foam pillow."

Rake the sand level.

The athlete jumps in length.

Pole vault height.

The jump of a gymnast to the bar.

The athlete jumps in height.

The athlete stands on the tower for jumping into the water.

Jump into the water from the tower.

A foam pillow in the pool water.

The athlete enters the water to a froth.

The young man at the compressor.

Tanks for compressed air.

The hand presses the button.

Included foam pillow.

The athlete jumps from a tower.

Athlete swims to the side after the jump.


Locations: Moscow [820] Kiev [933] Togliatti [895]


Institute of combustible minerals Institute for superhard materials of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Moscow swimming pool "Chaika"

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