Science and technology № 6 (1981)

Newsreel №76026, 1 part, duration: 0:09:49
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Shkarina V., Kapitanovskij V., Puzanov V., Schelokov V., Chubakova G.
Screenwriters:Goncharov M., Todorovskaya M., Gohfeljd E., Vasiljev S.
Camera operators:Kaplunov L., Poluektov A., Goloschapov V., Oljshevskaya E.


achievement of the Ural scientists, a new method of solders and a combination of materials. 4. "Riddle of a portrait" About the used unknown portraits from the funds of the Russian Museum.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"Being introduced.

Robot controller".

The robot in the lab.

An industrial robot.

Automated plant.

The rotating portion.

The woman-the inspector checks the quality of the items.

The robot-controller.

A man loads into the computer the data about the part.

Big robot-controller "learns" the item.

The numbers of sensors.

Operation of the robot controller.

The document-a report printed by the robot.

Printing report on the inspection details.

"Technology five-year plan.

According to the SOS signal".

Salvage tug "Jaguar" in the sea.

The captain in the wheelhouse.

Equipment inside the captain's cabin.

Help the diver to wear a suit.

The immersion of the diver.

On Board specialists are watching the work of a diver.

Inflatable platform gangway.

The infirmary on Board the ship-the rescuer.

Photos of ships, victims of the disaster.

The rescue ship in a stormy sea.

Radio operator on the ship is viewing the thread.

One of the team members with the handset.

Team members discuss the plan of operations.

Salvage tug "Jaguar" in the sea.

"The era of new technologies.

If the dissimilar metals..."

Plate aluminum.

The nail leaves on the plate scratch.

Bottles with different types of glue.

On the palm a slice of Galia.

Forceps the piece is lifted and you can see that the metal is melted from the heat of the palm.

Large temperature scale.

Two plates of different metals in hand.

Large the face of the scientist.

In a glass Cup to galiyu add the powder.

The new substance is mixed.

The resulting mass lay in the form and thoroughly mixed.

New alloy link plates of different metals.

The plate is placed in the oven to heat.

Two connected plate.

Different parts connected with the new alloy.

"The pages of history.

The riddle of the portrait."

Portrait Of V. N. Yankovoy on the first page of the book.

A poem in memory of the actress.

Writer Yu Alyansky in the office.

Monument to Catherine in Leningrad at the Alexandrinsky theatre.

Alexandrinsky theatre (snowy).

Yearbook of the Imperial theatres.

Turn the pages.

Portrait Of V. Yankovoy.

Portrait of Bankovoj in the role of Esmeralda.

Travel along the lattice of the Russian Museum.

Folder with watercolor portraits by Vladimir Gau.

Portrait of a stranger.

Portrait of a stranger and the portrait of Yankovoy next.

The face of the writer Alanskogo.

The forensic investigator compares the portraits.

Portrait of a stranger (through a magnifying glass).

The measurement of faces using a compass.

Combining photos of two portraits.

Sculptural portrait.

The face of the CSI.

Photograph of sculptural portrait on the Desk of CSI.

The imposition of portraits.

Portrait Of V. N. Yankovoy.


Yu.L.Alyanskij - pisatelj

Locations: Lithuania [128] Sverdlovsk [876] Leningrad [848]


Vilnius branch of experimental scientific research Institute of metal-cutting machines Institute of chemistry, Urals scientific center The Leningrad Department of the interior

Seasons: Winter [823]

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