Science and technology № 19 (1980)

Newsreel №76035, 1 part, duration: 0:09:17
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:K. Kogtev, V. Schelokov, Z. Feljdman, L. Hripunova, L. Boldireva,
Screenwriters:Yu. Temnikova, T. Bojko, E. Shibaeva
Camera operators:S. Pogorelov, Z. Feljdman, V. Voronin, E. Chukovskij,
Text authors:V. Biljchinskij
Other authors:V. Shmelev


"At the metallurgists of the Urals". Creation of a new fire-resistant material-high-earth wool-by the staff of the Eastern Research and Design Institute of the Refractory Industry in the laboratory. "A very simple secret." The invention of a new asphalt paver by scientists of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, led by Professor N. Ya. Kharkhuta. "Human Shield". The use of bacteria by microbiologists to protect the environment from the ingress of elements containing chromium. "On the Breeze-E watch. Using a new navigation device while navigating at sea.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"At the metallurgists of the Urals".

Factory shop.

Metal smelting.

Melting furnace.


Red-hot bricks are removed by workers.

Employees of the Eastern Research and Design Institute of the Refractory Industry in the laboratory.

Tweezers take the material out of the oven.

A glass of boiling water.

Bogdanovichsky Refractory Plant, Sverdlovsk region.

The worker manages the installation.


Steam jet.

High-grade earth wool.

Cotton wool is heated with autogen.

A worker covers the oven with cotton wool.

Shop floor.

"A very simple secret."

Vacuum cleaner.

Vacuuming the sofa.

Experiments with a vacuum cleaner.

Pressure sensor and vacuum cleaner hose.

Scientists of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute are designing a new car.

Professor Nikolai Yakovlevich Kharkhuta.

Author's certificate for a road skating rink.

Patents from all over the world.

Animation of the skating rink.

Road rinks go to the asphalt.

The driver switches the operating mode of the skating rink.

"Human Shield".

Cars "Zaporozhets" in the parking lot of the plant.

Chrome plating of metal in the factory.

Water in test tubes.

A scientist looks through a microscope.

Plant species under a microscope.

Laboratory of Microbiology.

Scientists pour substances.

The new bacterium purifies the water.

Shore, river.

"On the Breeze-E watch.

A ship is sailing.

Sailors in the control room.

The ship's radar.

Radar readings.

The bow of the ship.

The captain looks at the instrument.


The hand presses the button.

The numbers on the scoreboard.

The captain looks through the binoculars.

Ship's side, sea.

Key words

liquid metal, molten metal, inventions, invention, paver, flasks, glass plates, cleaning of the environment, environmental protection, navigation,


Harhuta N.Ya. - professor, uchenij.

Seasons: Summer [824] Day [828]

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