Science and technology № 2 (1983)

Newsreel №76043, 1 part, duration: 0:09:58
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Vinogradov V., Shifman V., Ciganov M., Stapran A., Berman V.D.
Production Manager:Rodin B.
Screenwriters:Shishina Ya., Eremina T., Stapran A.
Editor:Shmelev V.
Camera operators:Sosenkov I., Kasatkin I., Tarasov A.



leather bindings of ancient books. 4. "News of transport" On the mass introduction of rolling bearings on the railway, about the all-terrain vehicle, about the vessel collecting oil.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Blast furnace.

Shop metallurgical plant.

The blast-off.

Close-up: marking of silicon in the periodic table - Si.

Various integrated circuits laid out on the table.

Industrial plant.

Close-up: the heating chamber.

Close-up:polycrystalline silicon.

Close-up:girl in a white robe and cap.

In the field of view of microscope heating and the melt of silicon crystals.

Close-up:lowered the seed is a miniature model of the future of the single crystal.

The crystal grows.

Scientist around the installation.

The man gets out of the installation of the crystal and passes another scientist.

Cut into the plate a tube of the single crystal.

Integrated circuits with single crystals.

Industrial samples.

"Man in space".

The man in the suit gets out of the chamber in a training lab.

People in diving suits under water.

Doctor of medical Sciences Prof. conducting an experiment (synchronously).

The man's face.

Two men sit in chairs.

The man's face under hypnosis (with eyes closed).

Panorama of the participants of the experiment.

The man with his eyes closed.

Man's hand rises and hovers in the air.

Two men in chairs, under hypnosis, simulating the state of weightlessness.

The face of the pilot-cosmonaut Yevgeny Khrunov.

The participants of the experiment in the laboratory (behind-the-scenes review of astronaut E. Khrunov).

E. V. Khrunov (synchronously), tells about an experiment in which he participated.

Footage of the experiment: man in zero gravity.

E. V. Khrunov interviews one of the participants of the experiment (synchronously).

Two participants of the experiment, and E. V. Khrunov.

The participants talk about their feelings in the experiment.

Large hand writing something in notebook.

E. V. Khrunov about the prospects of the experiment (synchronously).

Space ship in space.

In the cockpit of a spaceship cosmonaut catches floating in zero gravity tools.

Two astronauts work in zero gravity.

"Leather armor of manuscripts".

Panorama of old manuscripts.

Matenadaran - Institute of ancient manuscripts of Armenia.

Close-up: a monument to Mesrop Mashtots in front of the entrance of Matenadaran.

One of the ancient books.

Hand holding a piece of ancient leather.

Ancient books on the shelves.

Fellow of the Institute puts the book on the shelf.

Hands, soaked a piece of ancient leather books.

In the restoration laboratory.

The face of the scientist.

Ancient cover from the skin.

Hands scraped from the skin of ancient dust.

Scoured by dust patch lost place in the cover.

Panorama of the restored bindings of ancient books.

The copyright certificate.

"Ski track rollers caterpillar".

Movement Katkova caterpillar (animation).

Ski-roller caterpillar in the snow.

"Ship hunter".

Oil slick on the water.

Corral the oil slick in the sump.

Isolated oil slick.

The ship hunter in the sea.

The pages of ancient books in a special solution.

The face of the scientist.

Page of the ancient book with an illustration.

A reversal of the old book.

Workers inspect the axlebox node of a freight train, pumping the grease.

Stamping bearings.

Bearings on the conveyor.

Replacement of bearings on the cars.

The rushing train.


L.P.Grimak - doktor medicinskih nauk E.V.Hrunov - letchik kosmonavt L.A.Agabekyan - izobretatelj sposoba vosstanovleniya drevnej kozhi

Locations: Moscow [820] Yerevan [982]


The Institute of ancient manuscripts Matenadaran after Mesrop Mashtots

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