Science and technology № 16 (1983)

Newsreel №76044, 1 part, duration: 0:09:37
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Vinogradov V., Chubakova G., Solnceva L., Valyahin K.
Screenwriters:Prokofjeva N., Solnceva L., Chetkarev V., Chervonobab N.
Camera operators:Muravjev Yu., Solnceva L., Valyahin K., Senchukov Yu., Kreps G.



Ivanova. 4. "Farm in the White Sea" On the artificial breeding of mussels.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The "problem "artificial" heart."

Large "artificial" heart.

The layout of the artificial heart in the lab.

Academician B. V. Petrovsky (synchronously).

Panorama of the models of the artificial heart.

Artificial heart is dipped into the vessel with liquid.


Scientist working with a model of the heart.

Large hands with one of their model.

Large model of the "artificial" heart.

Separate models for the left and right ventricle of the heart.

A group of engineers for Kuhlmann to discuss something.

Close-up on one of the drawing boards drawing heart.

Large hands with a magnifying glass.

On the Desk computer circuit.

A scientist in a laboratory at the console.

Large working model of the heart.

Academician B. V. Petrovsky (synchronously).


Hand surgeons in gloves holding two models of the heart (left and right ventricles).

There is an operation.

Big several hand in glove with surgical tools.

Surgical nurse in mask and cap.

Tape the other.

Big cardiogram on crawling out of the machine tape.

Working artificial heart.

"The polariscope - assistant designer".

A speeding subway train.

The subway tunnel.

Picture of the internal stresses of the material on the screen of the polariscope.

General view of the laboratory of photoelasticity method.

Device with rays of polarized light.

Large weights.

A scientist in a laboratory and instruments.

A panorama of the various parts.

Screen polariscope.

The face of the scientist against the background of the instruments in the laboratory.

General view of the laboratory.

The micro-explosion.

Hands unwind Babin with film.

Taken a picture of the shock wave propagation.

The hand pulls the item from the device.

The item is placed in a special oven.

The polariscope in the work.

The deformed part.

The two scientists in front of the photographs clearly showing the strength of materials.

"The universal pantograph"

The big man's face.(mechanic-inventor A. M. Ivanov)

Close-up of the pantograph.

Working pantograph.

Hands, moving the pantograph on the Board.

A. V. Ivanov works with a pantograph.

Large lathe.

Hand moving cutter.

The pantograph in the lathe.

Large turning parts on a lathe.

Working arm in the lathe.

Woman looking through a microscope.

Large under the microscope is micropic.

The face of the inventor of A. V. Ivanov.

Farm in the White sea.

Panorama on the water surface.

A scuba diver collects something on the bottom of the sea.

Mussels on the seabed.

Mussels and starfish on the seabed.

panorama from the ship standing near the shore on the water surface and hit a farm on cultivation of shellfish.

Two men in the boat removed from the nets catch.

The man lowers the water network.

Two men charged in the collector network.

The water network.

General view of the farm.

Mussels, clinging to the network.

The men in the boat removed from the network raised mussels.

The open mussel shells spread out on the table.

Hands, revealing the sink.

Conveyor mussels at the factory.

Conveyor with banks.

Panorama of the farm.


B.V.Petrovskij - akademik, hirurg

Locations: Moscow [820]


Research Institute of clinical and experimental surgery Laboratory of photoelasticity method Moscow engineering-construction Institute White sea biological station of the Institute of Zoology of SSR

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