Raw smells of the river (1962)

Documentary №76159, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:41
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:A. Kosachev
Screenwriters:A. Kosachev, E. Kryakvin
Composers:S. Tombak
Sound mixer:N. Boronin, G. Maruschak


A film about the life of shepherds on the Black lands in Kalmykia and the construction of an irrigation canal.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

River landscapes.

View of part of the steppe surface in the Black lands of Kalmykia.

Moving a flock of sheep.

Shepherds chase a flock.

The types of the channel of the river dried up.

View of part of the Kalmyk steppe, the grasses bend in the wind.

Shepherd wagons moving across the steppe.

Sandstorm in one of the steppe villages, people pump water from the column.

The types of the desert during a sand storm.

Trees bend in the wind.

Red flag flying on the roof of the house.

Swelling of the kidney.

Bird on a slate roof.

The wind in the desert, trees with bare branches.

Mountain scenery, peaks and passes, covered with snow.

Running water stream.

View of the construction of an irrigation canal.

Builders channel discuss production issues.

Excavation work on the construction of the canal, the bulldozer driver controls technology.

River landscapes.

View of the steppe.

An empty cask lying in the desert.

Construction of irrigation canal, the laying channel with the aid of excavators.

Excavator chooses the ground.

Cows on pasture.

View of the desert and the horizon, passing truck.

View of the hydroelectric power, the mist over the water.

The birds fly.

Grazing horse, the horse fits the dog.

The types of steppe vegetation, dew on blades of grass.

Horses grazing in the steppe.

View of one of shepherd's points.

The rise of the signal to start watering.

Flock returned from the steppe.

The shepherd distribute the sheep on paddocks, the face of the shepherd.

Lambs in the pen to suck the mother's milk.

Sheep in a pen.

The arrival of the appliances on shepherd's point.

Sheep come to the drinker, start drinking, a passing shepherd on the cart.

The boy surpasses the sheep to another paddock.

Calendar: 1962

Locations: Republic of Kalmykia [744]

Seasons: Spring [825]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Sunset in the desert.

The moon in the sky.

One of the shepherds lights a cigarette.

Persons talking to each other women.

One of the shepherds recalls the difficulties of the last wintering grounds (synchronously).

Shepherds in the lounge playing dominoes and chess.

The faces of guests of shepherds.

Lit a kerosene lantern.

Camel with camel in the desert.

Camels and sheep graze in the steppe.

The sheep graze the grass.

A shepherd's cart in the desert.

The chicken in the cart.

The shepherd with his son, while grazing flocks.

Courtyard views from the Windows of the house, the yard is a woman with a hunting rifle.

Shepherds harness horse.

Loading things in the cart.

The horse's head.

Is a black cat.

Dog on a chain drink water from the basin.

A bottle of water on the back of one of the shepherds.

The faces of the shepherds.

Black cat in a cart.

A shepherd's wagon go from the Black land to pasture.

Shepherd moves the wagon to an ox cart.

Open the door of shepherd's house.

Interior view of shepherd's house.

Shepherd wagons moving across the steppe.

Dogs are on a leash behind the carriage.

The face of the shepherd.

Shepherds chase sheep on summer pastures.

View of part of the flock.

Herding dog gives the sheep to scatter.

Steppe vegetation sheep are in the pasture.

Sheep in the desert near the tanker.

Sheep drink water from waterers.

A shepherd's wagon in the way, the steppe landscape.

Calendar: 1962

Locations: Republic of Kalmykia [744]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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