Seekers (1965)

Documentary №76169, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:33, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:Ya. Volovik
Screenwriters:V. Belikova, E. Kozireva
Camera operators:Yu. Selivanov
Sound mixer:G. Maruschak
Other authors:N. Surovcev


The film tells about new forms of creative work on a voluntary basis at the enterprises of Saratov.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Suggest innovators.

Vladimir Gerasimov in the room wiping his hands with a towel, picks up a note.

The text of the note.

Gerasimov putting a note on the table picks up a book.

The drawing on the page of the book.

Vladimir Gerasimov and Boris Gromov, walked across the street, enter the building.

Inside view of the shop Saratov machine-tool factory.

Production process, working with machines.

One of the workers made a mark in the drawing, in the process of manufacturing parts.

Chairman of the Board of innovative plant Turner Boris Gromov at the machine.

The machining of the part on a lathe.

Face Gromov.

The Chairman of the regional Council of innovators grinder V. Gerasimov checks by drawing the dimensions of the part.

Gromov and Gerasimov in the shop advised on the production question, the person Gromov and Gerasimov.

The panorama of the plant,the announcement of the school of excellence for the workers of various specialties.

Instructor-Adjuster N.In.

Mosolov spent in the workshop practical training with workers of different specialties.

Faces of the workers.

Processing of the workpiece.

Turner B. M. Batrakov conducts classes at the Guild school of excellence, explains and demonstrates work new ways of machining parts on a lathe.

V. Gerasimov tells friends at work about the use of improved tools for milling parts (synchronously), shows created in conjunction with the Chrome on the cutter.

The processing details of the new cutter.

Innovators conduct classes in schools of excellence at the enterprises of the Saratov region.

Gerasimov and thunders are on the streets of the city.

Creative Commonwealth.

The form of automated phase of one of the shops of Saratov bearing plant.

Work machines operating on a given program.

Production managers and workers discuss the issues of automation.

Deputy chief engineer of the plant A. V. Kryukov says the products produced by the plant, changes in bearing design (synchronously), shows the bearings previously produced, the part of the bearing, often go out of order.

Demonstration bearing the new design.

Casting process of bearing retainer by hand.

Worker-inventor of the P. S. Medvedev at the meeting of innovators.

Medvedev talks about his rationalization proposal (synchronously).

Employees of the public design Bureau of the Department of the chief mechanic at work.

Designer A. E. Cherkasov is doing the drawing.

Designer A. N. Baranova tells about the execution of the volunteer process part of work on implementation of rationalization proposals of Medvedev, on the composition of public design office, on the contribution of employees to the introduction of new molding machine, talks about the operation of the new machine (synchronous).

The members of the public the design office at work.

Designer A. V. Kolbasina makes a drawing of one of the nodes of the machine for casting separator bearings.

Face Kolbasino.

The production process on the factory floor.

The work of a new molding machine.

Hooks talks about the improvement of the durability of the bearings due to the new casting machine (synchronous).

Interior views of one of the factory halls, production processes.

Finished the bearings on the conveyor belt.

Calendar: 1965

Locations: Saratov region [801]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Unusual Institute.

The building of "Saratovneftegaz".

The head of the Association of D. T. Esin behind a Desk.

Esin said about holding on to the territory of the Saratov region large-scale prospecting of oil and gas fields, the decision faced by the industry challenges on the establishment of the Association of research institutes on a voluntary basis (synchronously).

Panorama of the terrain on which it runs mobile seismic station exploration.

Study of vibrations of different layers of the soil with explosives.

The recording of oscillations on the magnetic tape.

Data processing from film to calculating machine - Converter of seismic records.

Institute staff record data.

Decoding and reading of seismic records.

The faces of the designers of the machine engineers Lerner, Levin, Chashchina, Gushchina and Konova.

The scheme of the section studied area left by a transducer seismic records.

View of the rig.

Tricone rock bit used in drilling.

Replacement of worn bits.

Beginning of the descent of the bit in a borehole.

Diamond chisel, created by the Institute and used at great depths.

Descent diamond drill bits for drilling hard rocks.

Esin tells about the development of the rules of drilling oil and gas wells, helping the drillers to work on generalization of the experience of the Institute in the booklet published by the state Committee for oil industry, on the number of members of the Institute, about the ability of the Institute to solve the problems the oilers tasks (synchronously).

Everyone learns to count.

Interior views of the shop Engels plant of artificial and synthetic fibers.

Production process, workers at the bench.

Panorama of the chemical plant the production of nylon, stacks of sacks of raw material - caprolactam.

Bags with raw materials on the conveyor belt.

The production process on the factory floor.

The innovative clew Bureau of plant M. Savchenko and V. Antonenko at work.

Control technology requirements are carried out by members of the Bureau of economic analysis V. Vavilin and head of Bureau E. A. Apraksin.

Face Apraksina.

Social activists, economists torsion of a workshop to discuss innovative questions.

The process of winding threads on the cylinders.

Behalf of the Secretary of the party Bureau of the plant Pisarenko, head of Department of mechanics and gridenko Jankovic.

View of the shop.

Krutilsya M. Prokuda at work.

Prokuda serves ten stranding machine, face Prokuda.

The innovative members of the Bureau torsional discuss one of the innovations.

Person technologist workshop Feofanova O., President of the Bureau A. Lomakin, the President of the Bureau of labour V. Dyagilev.

Master N. Neznamov checks the work of subordinates in the new environment.

The face of krutilsya.

Production process.

Krutilsya inspects captured the spindle.

Transportation winded spindles.

Plant Manager Baranov, Chairman of the factory Committee Kallistratova, chief engineer Gusev, Elova organizer and Chairman of the off-site facilities, Bureau of economic analysis Miller in the shop discuss the issues of innovation and rationalization of production.

Check products in the line of technical control.

Working out of the checkpoint of the enterprise after the change.

Calendar: 1965

Locations: Saratov region [801]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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