Petrov-Vodkin. Letters to the mother. (1996)

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Producer Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio

Director: Yu.Chibryakov

Script writers: Yu.Chibryakov

Other authors: E. K. Petrova-Vodkina, T. Pileckaya, N. Kotov, D. Palagin, T. Burakova


The film is about the letters of the Russian artist Petrov-Vodkin the mother, in County town Khvalynsk and his work.

Artists | Biography

Reel №1

The daughter of Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin - Elena Kuzminichna talks about his father, his letters to his mother (synchronous), still lifes, written by Petrov-Vodkin.

Rural landscape, horses at the watering hole.

Picture of Petrov-Vodkin "bathing the red horse", its fragments.

The bas-relief of the artist at the gate of his house-Museum in Khvalynsk.

The garden and the Windows of the Museum Petrov-Vodkin, behind the scenes are fragments of his letters to his mother (synchronously).

The interiors of the Museum, the paintings on the walls.

The picture Petrov-Vodkin with the image of his mother.

Portraits of Petrov-Vodkin and his mother on the walls of the Museum of the artist.

View of the Neva river in the spring, drifting of ice.

Fragments of the building Drawing school of Baron Stieglitz in St.

Petersburg, where he studied under Petrov-Vodkin.

Inside view of the premises of the school, the Grand staircase.

She writes the interior sitting on the stairs.

Types of streets and monuments Saint-Petersburg, the Peter and Paul fortress, St.

Isaac's Cathedral.

View of the Anichkov bridge, fragments of the fence.

The daughter of Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin talks about the journey a father to Munich by Bicycle (synchronously).

A picture of Petrov-Vodkin and his friend with the bikes behind the scenes is the text of the letter of the artist on his journey (synchronously).

Neighborhood House-Museum Petrov-Vodkin, Volga landscapes.

Paris sketches by Petrov-Vodkin.

Portrait Of Mara.

Pictures of Petrov-Vodkin and Mary.

Panorama Of The Volga.

Apple orchard under Hulinska, the girl in the garden.

The picture Petrov-Vodkin, Midday, fragments of paintings.

The picture of the "Deadly hope", dedicated to the first world war.

Sketches Petrov-Vodkin for the painting "Noon", a painting depicting a woman with a child.

The faces of the women depicted in the paintings of the artist.

View of the arch of the General staff in St.


Types of Palace square, St.

Isaac's Cathedral historical monuments of St.


The Icon Of The Mother Of God.




St. Petersburg [814] Saratov region [801]

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Reel №2

Self-portraits Petrov-Vodkin, behind the scenes are the texts of his letters to his mother (synchronously).

The portrait of the mother of Petrov-Vodkin.

Still life by Petrov-Vodkin period of 1918.

The paintings of Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin's "Petrograd Madonna", "Alarm".

The face of the artist's daughter - Elena Kuzminichna.

Portraits of the daughter of Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, the artist's photographs with his daughter.

The artist's daughter speaks of love Petrov-Vodkin music (synchronously).

Musical instruments in the paintings of Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin.

Volga landscape, views of old streets of Khvalynsk.

Director Khvalynskaya art gallery them.

Petrov-Vodkin tells the students about the artist's interest in music and friendship with famous composers.

Portrait Of Petrov-Vodkin.

View of the building of the Academy of arts in St.


The interiors of the premises of the Academy.

Academy students perform tasks, writing from life, the faces of the students.

Photo of Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin workshop.

Fragments of drawings Petrov-Vodkin with images on them by others.

The types of the Neva river during the ice drift.

Book Petrov-Vodkin "Hlinovsky", illustrations for the book.

Internal and external views of the house and the Museum Petrov-Vodkin.

E. K. Petrov-Vodkin sitting at the table.

Father's portrait in her hands.

Portrait of Helena at the age of 14 years.

E. K. Petrov-Vodkin says about the last days of his father (synchronously).

A plaque in honour of Petrov-Vodkin on the wall in Saint-Petersburg.

The monument at the grave of the artist at Literatorskie Mostki.

Picture of Petrov-Vodkin "death of a Commissar".

Wooden house in Khvalynsk on the Volga river.

Types of banks of the Volga in the summer, the view inside one of the rooms of the Museum Petrov-Vodkin.




Saratov region [801]


Summer [824] Spring [825]

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