The seventh letter of Engelhardt. (2002)

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Producer Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio

Director: D. Lunjkov

Script writers: D. Lunjkov

Other authors: V. Antonov, T. Burakova, M. Chepelj


The film "the Seventh letter Engelhardt" dedicated to the famous scientist and writer Alexander Nikolayevich Engelhardt, author of the great books "Letters from village". For the passion of populists Engelhardt was exiled to his village of Smolensk. There he engaged in farming, and over time, Batsheva became an outstanding estate Russia.

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Reel №1

On the route Moscow-Berlin passing of heavy trucks.

The separate sections of the track.

The Book By A. N. Engelhardt "From the countryside. 12 letters", published in the series "Literary monuments", hands leaf through pages of the book.

Portraits Of A. N. Engelhardt in different years.

The coat of arms of the family Engelhardt.

Types of an Orthodox monastery and of the family estate and Engelhardt - the village of Batoshevo.

Photos of the village of Batoshevo the last third of the 19th century.

Threshing grain the current.

Professor Yury Makarov talks about the concept of farm labor, the role of the historical roots of man in the preservation of rural Russian culture (synchronously).

Rural landscapes.

Historian Anastasia Tikhonova says about the meaning, content and sense, notes Engelhardt (synchronously).

The combine during harvest.

Combiner in the cockpit.

Makarov said about the lighting Capital of culture of the peasant community (synchronously).

The forest panorama and Boldin monastery in the village of Batoshevo.

Monks and novices work in the garden.

Tikhonov said about the contribution of Engelhardt in agrochemical science and its relation to this self-realization in rural environments (synchronously).

Portrait Engelhardt.




Smolensk region




Reel №2

Portrait Engelhardt.

Photos of the peasants of the village of Batoshevo.

A resident of the village of Batoshevo said about methods of agriculture introduced by Engelhardt and implemented in the village after the war, modern economic ruin (synchronously).

Panorama meadow vegetation.

Rural and forest landscapes, raw field, overgrown forest.

Photos of Victor Kyrychenko, chief agronomist of rayselhozupravleniya, implementing agricultural methods Engelhardt.

Elderly woman sitting on a bench at the fence.

Video: Victor Kyrychenko tells about the fate of his mother after the war, about the decline of the village of Batoshevo (synchronously), alternated with newsreels 1945 - captured a herd of cows being driven through the streets of Berlin.

Rural landscape view.

The flowing stream.

The entrance to the house of Kyrychenko in the village of Batoshevo.

The brother and mother of Kyrychenko commemorate the son.

Brother talks about Victor Kyrychenko about the history of the village, about unrealized plans brother (synchronously).

Rural landscape.

A person resident of the village of Batoshevo L. P. Antonenkova and her mother Marya Vladimirovna.

Face with their daughters and granddaughters Nina and love.

The car rides on a country road.




Smolensk region




Reel №3

The car pulls up to house in the village of Batoshevo.

A dog on a leash.

Mother and grandmother meet Nina and Luba.

Nina and Luba help with the housework, working in the garden, go for water to the well.

Nina talks about her husband-the Frenchman, Michel, his work, about his family (synchronously).

Types Of Smolensk.

The monument to the Patriotic war of 1812 in Smolensk.

Photos of Nina with her husband.

Wedding video Nina and Michel.

Memorial stone erected on the site of an experimental agricultural station of the Engelhardt in the village of Batoshevo.

Nina talks about the contribution of Engelhardt in agriculture, on the current state and the future of the village of Batoshevo (synchronously).

Panorama of the village, types of villages.

Children ride down the street on bicycles.

Matrona Antonenkova takes the old song granddaughter Nina listens to her.

Road transport on the highway Smolensk-Moscow.

Birch forest near the road.




Smolensk region



Agriculture; Automobile transport; Social life