Volga lights 1981 № 28 Competition

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Producer Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio

Director: V. Karyakin

Script writers: T. Kirsanova

Operators: L. Denisov, Yu. Popov

Other authors: E. Chinchikova


The issue looks at the 3rd all-Russian competition of professional skill of young drivers of trams in Saratov.


Reel №1

The participants of the 3rd all-Russian competition of professional skill of young drivers of electric vehicles come to the opening ceremony.

Pass the participants of the contest with tablets with names of their cities.

The rise of the national flag of the USSR.

The faces of the representatives of Sverdlovsk and Smolensk.

View of the podium of the rally in honor of the opening of the final competition.

Panorama of the line of participants.

The faces of the participants.

The drawing of lots.

Participants get their numbers from the drum.

The chief of the municipal electric V. A. Vlasov talks about the aims and objectives of the competition (synchronously).

One of the participants takes a ticket with questions during the oral exam the first stage.

The participant answers the questions of the ticket before the members of the jury of the competition.

Those members of the Board and answering the questions of the participants.

The stopwatch in the hands of one of the judges.

The faces of the contestants and judges.

The driver of the tram from Yaroslavl V. Dacian talks about the oral examination on the competition, on passing the previous stages of the competition (synchronously).

Faces of the young tram drivers - participants.

The contestants talking to each other.

N. Klimova from the city of Sverdlovsk talks about how she became a tram driver, about the reasons behind choosing this profession, the attitude of the parents towards her choice (synchronously).

The participants study the course scheme for the exam on the skill of driving a tram.

The judges at the start of the track., the tram moves off the road.

One of the participants in the cockpit of the tram, types of sections of the route.

Emergency braking the tram, numbers flashing electronic stopwatch.

The tram stops at the finish.

Stop-the finish line.

Precision measurement of the stop on the stop line.

Head of the Saratov tram and trolleybus administration E. K. Bylinkin says preparation for the competition in Saratov, on the progress of the competition and future winners (synchronously).

Persons participating in the competition, control the tram, view the dashboard of the tram.

The face of one of the members of the jury.

The participants examine the results on the screen of the competition.

The tram goes around the track.

Judges for post No. 2.

One of the contestants in the cab of the tram before starting.

The tram moves off.

The signal after passing through the next stage of the track.

The girl behind the windscreen of the tram.

Puddles between the rails, the rain.

The participants who finished the race out of the tram, report completion of passage to the judges.

The measurement precision of the stopping of the car at the finish line of the stop line.

The leader of the competition Batiyev and V. from Moscow speaks of the difficulty through the various stages of the competition, about his impressions of the route in Saratov, on the hope to take first place (synchronously).

The tram on the track.

The face of one of the participants.

The puddle between the rails, the rain.

The participants go for an evening disco.

Rotate the coil of tape.

The contestants dance on the disco lights the disco lights, face dancers.

The winner of the competition of V. Bataeva.

The award of the flowers and a valuable gift - a cassette tape.

The participants applauded the winner.

Awarding the second place finisher from Trudova V. Kalinina and I. Simonova from Astrakhan.

Awarding of the winners of the third place.

The awarding of incentive prizes.

The winners of the contest in the first row of the auditorium.

The participants out of the building after the closing ceremony of the competition.

The participants in the bus.




Saratov region



Youth; Life and leisure