Volga lights 1986 № 26 Measure of responsibility

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Producer Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio

Director: I. Bessarabova

Script writers: I. Bessarabova

Operators: A. Garkavenko, E. Gerasimenko, A. Krivoruchko

Other authors: N. Katkova


Issue devoted to the problems of practical training of specialists in the Saratov veterinary Institute.

Education | Youth | Russian cities and regions

Reel №1

The student, who arrived at practice, walking down the street of the village.

On the way, passing a cart with people.

Playing volleyball in the educational sector of the Saratov veterinary Institute.

Students stand at the entrance to the hostel.

Children sit on a bench at the fence.

Boy rides a bike.

Panorama farm animal educational sector.

Distribution of feed to the cows.

The cows in the paddock.

Students respond to the question about what gives them practice (synchronously).

Students work with cattle.

One of the students conducts a medical examination of a cow.

The building of the Saratov veterinary Institute.

Panorama of the exposition of the Museum of the Institute.

The clock on the wall.

One of the copies of old work in veterinary medicine, the hand flipping through pages of a book.

Portraits of Russian veterinarians, who fought against various epidemics.

Photographs of teachers and students of the Institute of the late 19th and early 20th century veterinary instruments in the Museum.

View of the building of the Institute in Saratov.

The sign at the entrance to the territory of the educational farm "steppe".

The bus out Director Knots, the deans of the veterinary faculty Mokrushin and animal science, proceedings.

Daily life training facilities.

Lavrenchenko means consistent training with a specialist in a specialty work (synchronously).

Students while working in practice, Knots tells about the history and activities of the educational farm (synchronously).

Milking cows.

The cows in the paddock.

Student Intern milking a cow with the help of special equipment.

The student produces a cow with a milking platform after the milking.

Milking cows interns on the milking platform.

Lavrenchenko says about the former in the farming of poultry and sheep farms and their absence and today, about the purpose of student practice and value it for further work (synchronously).

Students during the practice in the educational sector.

Mokrushin says about training at the Institute (synchronously).

Students conduct a medical examination of the cows, take tests.

View of part of the farm.

Institute graduates talk about the shortcomings in the training program (synchronously).

View of the building under the student hostel.

Mokrushin says about the negative impact of the protracted construction of a hostel for practical training of students (synchronous).

View of the barracks for the trainees.

Local residents tell about the everyday problems of the trainees (synchronously).

The interior of one of the rooms of the student barracks, a mess in the room, the bed with the bare meshes.

The ceiling and walls with peeling paint.

View of one of the streets of the village.

A panorama of the dormitory.

Lavrenchenko tells about the indifference to the problems of school facilities by local and Central government (synchronously).

Distribution of feed to the cows.

On the road passing tractor.

Cows in the paddock, a calf grazing in front of the fence.

The pigs in the pen.

Interns in white coats are coming to work.

The final year student N. Sudarikova said about the lack of experience after graduation, the realization of his responsibility,

Pigs going to the trough.

Riders on the streets of the village.

The interns sitting on horseback.

A teenager with a Bicycle on one of the streets of the village.




Saratov region



Agriculture; Social life; Life and leisure; Construction