Volga lights № 28 Evening dress (1987)

Newsreel №76463, 1 part, duration: 0:10:14, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:Yu. Klyuchnikov
Camera operators:L. Denisov
Text authors:A. Sapronov
Other authors:D. Popova


Issue devoted to the work of the Saratov police and issues of crime prevention among youth.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Divorce dress Saratov city police posts and patrol routes.

Patrol crews of the vehicles.

The crews go on patrol.

One patrol crew answers the call on the radio.

A monument Chernyshevsky in Saratov.

Police officers on foot patrol.

View of the bridge across the Volga.

The inspector releases the truck driver.

The duty on the panel of GAI.

Electrified map of Saratov.

Members of the task force during the investigation of a fire in the paint shop of the plant.

The effects of fire, view of burned-out shop.

Cleaning of garbage after the fire.

The investigator concludes that the causes of fire, namely, the negligence of the management of the shop (synchronously).

Cleaning of garbage after the fire.

Members of the task force at work in the burned-out painting workshop.

The arrested woman refused to go in the paddy wagon, the police officer puts her in the cab.

Shipping detainees to the police station.

The evidence on the table.

The client of a sobering-up station, wrapped in a towel, standing in the hallway.

The police said about the specifics of life in Saratov (synchronously).

The queue at the liquor store.

Police officers are detained.

Police officers find out circumstances of the trade in alcohol at the wrong time.

Police officers question the driver, making wine in the state machine.

The removal of alcohol from the passenger.

The detainee put in a paddy wagon.

Detainees in a state of intoxication at the police station.

A mannequin in a store window.

One of the patrol says the number of crimes committed by young people, about the illegal actions of youth gangs, the presence of drug addicts,

The types of the Avenue.

Kirova, Saratov, Russia.

People at the fountain.

The patrol walks along the Avenue.

The police officer tells about the crimes committed in the city centre young people from the suburbs (synchronously).

Types of streets the evening of Saratov.

The interior of a room in the dormitory of a vocational school.

Buildings dormitories and vocational schools.

The view of the clubhouse.

A sign of the club "Flame".

Director of vocational says about the responsibility for the education of the younger generation, about the lack of attention paid to the education of students in vocational schools, about the problems of youth leisure

Students in front of the building of the vocational school.

By PTU, is a former student of PTU M. Shafts, released from prison under an Amnesty, in support of the employee of militia.

An employee of the Commission on Affairs of minors tells about the molecular problems in finding work and housing (synchronously).

Shafts with each other sitting on the bench.

Face M. Valova.

Employees of the Saratov police in the ranks before going to the outfit, a police Colonel illuminates the complicated criminal situation (synchronously).

Patrol crews go on routes.

Calendar: 1987

Locations: Saratov region [801]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

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