Volga lights № 14 Human factor.What is it? (1988)

Newsreel №76475, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:07, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:A. Mamontova
Screenwriters:V. Mamontov
Camera operators:V. Mamontov
Sound mixer:I. Yakubina
Other authors:D. Popova


The issue is dedicated to the problems and achievements in the development of the social sphere in the Saratov region.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Types of streets in Saratov.

A bunch of balloons fly into the sky.

Drummers at the head of a festive demonstration in Saratov.

CPSU veterans B. p.

Koshkin and A. S. Stanskov talk about the concept of "Human factor", Express their opinion about the role of man on earth (synchronously).

Faces of the passing demonstrators.

Types of demonstration.

Members of the Saratov running club "Sokol" at a meeting of the club talk about the conditions of the human factor, talk about the conditions of creative work that depends on remuneration, social justice and the distribution of benefits (synchronously), the faces of the participants of the club meeting.

Members of the club during a run in the winter Park.

General physical training in the club premises.

Members of the club run out for a run as a whole.

Men jostle in line at the door of a liquor store, who bought wine trying to get out on the street.

Faces of children from the orphanage behind the window glass.

Members of the club are visiting pupils of a sponsored children's home.

A woman at a club meeting talks about children staying in an orphanage because of alcoholic parents (synchronously).

Club members play and interact with children.

Children play with donated toys.

Children's faces.

Stampede at the entrance to the liquor store.

View of the building in Saratov, where the editorial office of the regional newspaper "Communist"is located.

Letters from citizens sent to the editorial office.

Head of the Department of letters O. S. Zabozlaeva talks about changing the nature of readers ' mail under the influence of the processes of democratization and transparency, the content of letters, criticism of bureaucracy at various levels (synchronously).

Texts of articles published in the newspaper.

Panorama of a residential building.

Letters sent to the editor by readers.

Types of residential quarters in Saratov.

Street sale of vegetables and fruits.

Fruit on the counter.

Panorama of the new city quarter.

People on one of the streets.

Entrance to the slot machine hall.

Members of the creative Association "Youth reserve" SOLODKY and Rusanov talk about the empty building of an old Church, about their proposal to create a club of creatively active youth in the Church building, about the unrealized project of the club, about the lack of real help from the authorities (synchronously).

Komsomol subbotnik for cleaning the building from garbage.

Reconstruction plan of the creative club, photos of the premises.

View of the former Church building.

View of the embankment.

Meeting of rock music lovers in one of the apartments, young people sing to the guitar.

Evening city landscape.

Calendar: 1988

Locations: Saratov region [801]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Winter [823]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of one of the streets of Saratov.

The dog is lying on the Mat.

Meeting of the poetry lovers club in a literary cafe, one of the club members reads poems, faces of the club members.

Lighting design of city streets.

Rock music lovers in one of the apartments.

View of the embankment in the evening.

Girls during a class in the ballet class of the state farm "Labor" of the Marx district.

Members of the state farm sports club run inside the sports complex.

Sign over the entrance to the sports complex.

A lesson in rhythmic gymnastics.

Children are engaged on horizontal bars in the gym.

Panorama of the gym during training.

Director of the state farm S. Baizuldinov speaks about the lack of personnel in the economy, the construction of comfortable housing,

Types of private houses on the farm.

View of the residential village.

Types of houses and streets of the village.

People go to the livestock breeder's House, built on a state farm.

Men at the tea table.

The doctor examines the patient.

View of the new shopping center building.

Mechanical distribution of feed to cows.

Baizuldinov talks about the possibility of cultural leisure activities for employees of the state farm, creating conditions for children's recreation, providing people with work (synchronously).

Children on the street playing hockey.

Interior of the kitchen in one of the houses, a woman bakes pancakes.

Children at the table eating pancakes.

The building of the children's cafe of the Balakovo chemical plant.

View of the cafe hall, children at the tables.

Entrance to Balakovo.

Panorama and views of the territory of the plant.

Workers are on shift.

An employee of the factory greenhouse complex carries a basket of flowers.

The new Director of the plant L. B. Butovsky bypasses the territory of the enterprise.

A woman cuts roses in a greenhouse.

Butovsky speaks about the importance of creating comfortable living conditions for workers (synchronously).

Production processes at the plant.

View of a residential building under construction for workers of the plant, Butovsky and accompanying persons on the construction site.

Buyers and sellers in the factory supermarket.

Entrance to the territory of the subsidiary farm of the plant.

Butovsky talks with employees of a subsidiary farm.

One of the farm workers catches live fish with a net from the pool.

Sign of a complex reception point.

Fitting women's clothing.

The cover of fashion magazines.

Signs for the repair of household appliances and art schools.

Entrance to the fair in Saratov.

View of the building of the city covered market, panorama of the fair on the adjacent square.

Performance of an ensemble of Saratov accordion players to visitors of the fair.

Faces of the audience.

Demonstration of models of women's and men's clothing on the open podium of the fair.

Head of the trade Department of the Saratov city Executive Committee A. Yu.

Kuzmin speaks about the transition from the number of fairs to their quality, about the insufficient number of goods, about attracting industrial enterprises to fairs, about a new method of trade with elements of bargaining between the buyer and the seller (synchronously).

Types of fair, trade at the fair.

The types of the Fairgrounds.

Customers view the product on the trays.

Calendar: 1988

Locations: Saratov region [801]

Seasons: Winter [823]

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