Volga lights № 4 Lesson of Kalmyk (1989)

Newsreel №76488, 1 part, duration: 0:10:04, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:M. Ivanova
Camera operators:V. Sevastjyanov
Other authors:A. Sapronov


Issue devoted to the problems of preservation of national Kalmyk culture and language.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Steppe landscape.

Photo of the Kalmyk poet Hasira Xiang Belgina.

A picture of his wife, Maria Alekseevna, in his youth.

Family photos Xiang Belgina.

Panorama of the overgrown railway.

Maria A. says about her husband, reads his poems on the Kalmyk language (synchronously).

View the Kalmyk steppe of the window of a moving car.

Steppe landscapes, steppe diverging roads.

Fragment of the Kalmyk artist.

View of the Elista (above).

Lukjanovy the couple, who met in Siberia, give interviews about the work of David Kugultinov and its effect on the revival of Kalmyk culture, the necessity of teaching at the University of the Kalmyk language (synchronously).

Faces of young people.

View of the hall of the Museum.

Bust in the hall of the Museum.

Maid M. makaeva talks about a large number of mixed marriages of Russians and Kalmyks, on the need to preserve the Kalmyk language in mixed families, about teaching native language in schools of Kalmykia (synchronously).

Types of streets and houses of Elista.

Poet D. Kugultinov about the resettlement of the Kalmyks at the Northern and Siberian regions of the USSR in the 1940-ies, partial loss of the Kalmyks of the native language because of the fragmentation of the community, about the need to preserve the national language to preserve the ethnic group (synchronously).

Those pioneers.

Grandfather with grandchildren sitting on the bench.

Actor Sergey Mucuraev speaks of the necessity of preserving and studying of the Kalmyk language, the revival of Kalmyk national culture, the indifference of the governing bodies and national leaders of culture and science to the revival of the Kalmyk language (synchronously).

The performance of the folklore of the Kalmyk ensemble during the festival.

The faces of the participants.

People on the streets of Elista.

The panorama of the evening Elista (above).

Kind of substation "first aid" (above).

An elementary school teacher conducts a lesson in the Kalmyk language, children respond to questions in Kalmyk.

The faces of the children.

The panorama of the class.

View of the schoolyard from the window of the classroom, the children in the school yard during recess.

The children in the class looking out the window.


Kuguljtinov David Nikitich -- Kalmyk poet Muchiryaev Sergej Guchinovich -- stage actor

Calendar: 1989

Locations: Republic of Kalmykia [744]

Seasons: Summer [824] Spring [825]

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