Lower Povolzhie № 33 (1969)

Newsreel №76691, 1 part, duration: 0:10:13, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Other authors:I. Andreevskij, V. Gladishev, N. Surovcev


Issue devoted to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the defeat of the white guards and interventionists near Astrakhan.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The monument to the heroes of the civil war in Astrakhan, the inscription on the pedestal of the monument.

Civil war veterans on a Park bench.

Page of the newspaper "Communist" in 1918.

Reports of the fighting on the fronts.

Note to V. I. Lenin about the organization of the defense of Astrakhan.

The texts of the reports of the attempt on Lenin August 30, 1918.

The text of the message about the capture of Baku by the Turkish troops.

Reports about the situation on the Tsaritsyn front and the fighting around Astrakhan in 1918, photographs of the rallies.

The texts of the reports of the capture by the red army of Kazan and Samara, on Lenin's health.

Map of deployment of troops of the red army and the white in the center of Astrakhan.

Photo S. M. Kirov during the period of work in Astrakhan, and command of 11 army.

The mandate given to Kirov.

Study Ciprova in Astrakhan.

Telephones on the Desk.

The texts of the orders of Kirov on ensuring Astrakhan food.

A Portrait Of Kirov.

Map attack on Astrakhan, the white armies.

Group photo of red army.

The sword's handle.

The texts of the orders the destruction of the enemies of the revolution.

Portraits of revolutionary and military leaders.

Group photos of soldiers - defenders of Astrakhan.

The text of the telegram of Kirov, Lenin on the complete elimination of the Astrakhan Cossacks.

Pioneers with flowers in their hands.

Veterans in the audience applauded.

The faces of the veterans of the civil war, standing at the flag.

People in the audience greeted the veterans.

Pioneers handed the veterans sitting in the hall, the flowers.

The faces of veterans during a meeting in the Black Yar.

Veterans visiting the places of fighting, talk about the course of events.

The student records the story of one of the veterans.

The face of the veteran.

Veterans talk with each other.

Map of defense of the Black Yar.

Morse Telegraph in the Museum.

The former chief of the defence staff Black Yara F. F. Petroleos tells the students about the fighting against interventionists and the white guards.

Veteran F. Konoplev shows students your mess kit.

The layout of the destroyer "Quick".

The text of the memoirs of the commander of the destroyer that is stored in Chernoyarka Museum, photo of the destroyer and a portrait of commander.

Portrait Of Larisa Reisner.

Pioneers listen to the story of a veteran about the raids of the destroyer "Quick" on the Volga.

Photos of Astrakhan pilots of the squadron.

A portrait of one of the pilots.

Picture of a broken airplane.

Machine gun with British aircraft downed airman by Sechinym, in the Museum, portrait shekina.

Photograph of the funeral of the victims of the red army.

Veterans fighting under the Black ravine lay flowers at the mass grave fallen comrades.

Komsomol and the pioneers lay wreaths at the monument on the mass grave.

Pioneers saluted.

The pioneers, the Komsomol and veterans in the honor guard.

The faces of the veterans.

View of the surroundings of the Black Yar.

Panorama of the cemetery and the cliff banks of the Volga.

The monument at the mass grave of the defenders of the Black Yar.

Calendar: 1969

Locations: Astrakhan region [769]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

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