Lower Povolzhie № 17 The screen is of struggle and courage (1975)

Newsreel №76696, 1 part, duration: 0:10:17, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:A. Ibrgaimova
Screenwriters:O. Gladisheva
Camera operators:B. Ciperman, G. Bojnenkov, A. Sofjin, V. Sofjin
Other authors:D. Popova


The issue is dedicated to the 1st international festival of anti-fascist films in Volgograd.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of the coastal part of Volgograd, alternating with shots of burning Stalingrad in 1942.

The plane after landing at the airport.

Emblem of the 1st International festival of anti-fascist films.

Meeting festival guests at the plane ramp.

Guests of the festival-Director Montaldo, Giuseppe De Santis, Nanni Loy from Italy during a meeting at the airport.

The face of a German actor Erwin Resonnace.

Festival participants greet each other, the faces of the festival participants.

Person German Director Konrad wolf and the Polish Director Jerzy Kawalerowicz.

Participants of the festival on the streets of Volgograd, among them - Sergey Bondarchuk, Vsevolod Sanaev.

Faces of Vietnamese guests.

The face of Julius Fuca's widow Gusta Fuchikova and the consultant of the film "Normandy-Neman" K. Feldser.

American Director Abe Osheroff greets the participants of the festival.

Osheroff goes to the bus.

Osheroff gives an interview about the significance of the festival, the need for cooperation of filmmakers from all countries in the fight against neo-fascism (synchronously, in English, with translation into Russian).

Festival participants before the first meeting.

Italian Directors Montaldo and Loy talk about the relevance of anti-fascist cinema in Italy, the relevance of the problem of fascism in some European countries (synchronously).

Posters of Soviet films about the great Patriotic war.

panorama of the auditorium on the opening day of the festival.

The logo of the festival.

Festival participants in the Presidium and in the hall during the opening ceremony of the festival.

Faces of participants of the festival, among them - N. Arinbasarova.

The performances of the participants of the festival.

Bondarchuk and the guests of honor applaud.

Pioneers I present flowers to the guests of honor.

Members of the film crew of one of the films on stage.

Bondarchuk goes to the microphone, panorama of the auditorium.

Bondarchuk speaks to the audience.

Photos from the filming of the x / movie "They fought for the Motherland".

Panorama of the Soldier's field near Volgograd.

Unexploded ordnance recovered from the ground.

View of a working irrigation system.

Presentation of bread and salt festival guests in one of the farms of the Volgograd region.

Passenger ship is on the Volga.

Guests and participants of the festival on Board the ship during a walk along the Volga.

Faces of foreign filmmakers, among them - Abe Osheroff.

Actress Lyudmila Kasatkina with a child in her arms.

Photos with prices from the x / movie "Remember your name" with Kasatkina in the lead role.

German Director Andre Thorndike talks about the goals of his films that expose the essence of fascism (synchronously).

Faces of talking participants of the festival, among them Bondarchuk and Sanaev.

Bulgarian film dramatist angel Wagenstein speaks about the importance of films presented at the festival for revealing the essence of fascism and the fight against it (synchronously).

Guests and participants of the festival go to Mamaev Kurgan.

Faces of foreign filmmakers.

Abe Osheroff during a visit to Mamaev Kurgan, fragments of bas-reliefs and monuments.

Festival participants in the Hall of Military glory on Mamayev Kurgan.

Osheroff lays flowers at the Eternal flame.

A child in a field near a tree.


Montaljdo Dzhuliano -- Italian film Director De Santis Dzhuzeppe -- Italian film Director Loj Nanni -- Italian film Director Geshonnek Ervin -- German theater and film actor Osheroff Ejb -- American documentary film Director Voljf Konrad -- German film Director Kavalerovich Ezhi -- Polish film Director Bondarchuk Sergej Fedorovich -- film Director, actor, screenwriter Sanaev Vsevolod Vasiljevich -- theater and film actor Kasatkina Lyudmila Ivanovna -- theater and film actress Arinbasarova Nataljya Utevlevna -- theater and film actress Torndajk Andre -- German film Director Vagenshtajn Angel (Anzhel) -- Bulgarian film Director, screenwriter, writer

Calendar: 1975

Locations: Volgograd [946] Volgograd region [773]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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