Volga lights 1986 № 19

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Producer Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio

Director: D. Cherneckij

Operators: Yu. Popov

Text writers: A. Sapronov

Other authors: D. Popova


According to reports about the low quality and small quantity of consumer goods in Saratov, the problem of maintenance of inhabitants of Saratov industrial commodities.

Sectors of the economy | Trade | Social life

Reel №1

Supply and demand.

View of the old buildings in Saratov, on the site of the brass band plays.

View of a city street with shopping trays.

Trade for a street fair of consumer goods, TVs, clothing.

Face buyers.

Performance artists at the fair.

Kinds city market.

The head of the regional Department of trade Ion spoke about the purpose of the fair (synchronously).

Buyers and sellers at the fair.

Visitors at the tables of street cafes.

Fashion show at the fair.

The faces of the children.

Panorama street cafes, visitors at the tables, the panorama of the streets.

The arrival of the train at the station of Saratov.

Residents of Saratov it the streets answer the question, in what cities besides Saratov they shop, talking about the purchase of most goods in Moscow (synchronously).

The entrance to the store building materials.

The queue for Wallpaper on the street.

The production process in one of the shops of the city Wallpaper factory.

Packaging of finished products one of the workers responds to the question of whether to increase output, says the poor quality of paper and ink, the surplus distribution of surplus between workers of the factory (synchronously).

The roll winding of the finished Wallpaper.

The production process in one of the workshops of the factory.

The queue for Wallpaper in Saratov.

The van at the entrance to the company store Association "Saratovmebel'".

The furniture in the empty trading floor of the store.

Panorama of a shop window.

People stand at the entrance to the store.

Panorama Windows and the entrance of the shop sewing Association "Volzhanka".

Panorama of the trading floor, the mannequins in the hall.

Samples of products offered to the population.

The woman, who returned from Moscow, answering the question that she usually buys from Moscow, lists many types of industrial goods, says the lack of supply in Saratov (synchronously).

People back out of Moscow, loaded things in a taxi.

Women carry children's toys purchased in Moscow.

The entrance to Saratov toy store "Pinocchio".

The woman says about the low quality and monotony produced in the Saratov children's toys, the absence in the sale of toys that are in demand (synchronous).

A child plays with a toy, sitting on the bench.

The shops and sporting goods on the streets of Saratov.

Head shop says about the companies in the region, producing sports equipment, the lack of production of sporting goods enterprises in Saratov (synchronously).

Showcase sporting goods store, reflections in the window of the people passing by.

Samples of consumer goods produced by large industrial enterprises of the city - tractarianism, heads for the shower, fishing bells, rubber spatulas.

Samples of sound equipment and consumer goods, as recommended by the trade for development in the stands, special exhibitions of consumer goods.

Pieces of furniture and exercise equipment.

Saratov returning from Moscow, the guys brought things in a taxi.

The arrival of the train from Moscow to the station of Saratov, occur on the platform.




Saratov region



Industry; Trains; Museums and exhibitions