Volga lights № 5 50 years of the battle of the Volga (1993)

Newsreel №76752, 1 part, duration: 0:09:09, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:M. Kudasov
Camera operators:L. Denisov
Other authors:T. Burakova


The issue is dedicated to festive events in Volgograd on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the end of the battle of Stalingrad.

Reel №1

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50 years of the battle of the Volga.

Newsreel of 1942: German bombers are built in a circle and dive on the target.

Flying down the bomb.

Bombs exploding on the ground, buildings exploding.

Bombing Of Stalingrad.

Soviet troops are counter-attacking at Stalingrad in November 1942.

Map of the German offensive on Stalingrad.

View of the destroyed Stalingrad (top).

Panorama of the Volga river and burning Stalingrad.

Fighting of Soviet and German troops in the area of Stalingrad.

Street fighting in Stalingrad.

Machine gunners take up position.

Sniper in position in a destroyed house.

German artillery crew is firing.

Street battle in Stalingrad.

A battery of rocket-propelled mortars fires at night.

Soldiers of the Stalingrad South-Western front hug each other after the encirclement of German troops in the Kalach area.

Red army soldiers and commanders on the streets of Stalingrad congratulate each other on the end of the defeat of the enemy.

The gunner covers the gun barrel.

Wreath-laying ceremony at mass graves on the Square of Fallen Fighters.

Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Russia R. I. Khasbulatov, Vice-President A. V. Rutskoi, defense Minister P. S. Grachev at mass graves during a minute of silence.

Faces of participants of the ceremony and foreign guests.

Wreaths laid at the Eternal flame.

Representatives of one of the foreign delegations lay a wreath.

Veterans and participants of the ceremony stand at mass graves.

Khasbulatov among the participants of the ceremony.

Participants of the ceremony at the wreaths laid at the Eternal flame.

Newsreel of 1942-1943: commander of the Stalingrad fronts Eremenko AI at the command post.

Soviet artillery fires during the counteroffensive at Stalingrad.

The infantry is fighting for the railway station.

Smoke from the window of a house in Stalingrad.

Faces of veterans of the 36th Guards rifle division.

Opening of a memorial plaque in honor of the fallen heroes from the 36th division in Volgograd.

Girl with a saxophone.

Text of the memorial plaque.

Playing a brass band, the faces of musicians.

Veterans of the division at the open memorial plaque.

The faces of the soldiers of the honor guard company during a minute of silence.

Faces of veterans and clergy during a minute of silence.

Monuments on Mamayev Kurgan, fragments of bas-reliefs.

Representatives of local Cossack societies stand in line before the beginning of the prayer service.

Cossacks carry a veteran in a wheelchair.

Cossacks carry an icon and wreaths to the Hall of Military glory.

Orthodox priest during the prayer service.

Members of Cossack societies in the guard of honor at the Eternal flame in the hall of Military glory.

Holding a memorial service in the Hall of Military glory.

Laying wreaths at the Eternal flame.

Cossacks with a banner are marching along the site on Mamayev Kurgan.

Soldiers of the honor guard company in the ranks.

The removal of the battle flag.

Faces of participants of the rally On the square named after the battle of Stalingrad.

Panorama of the square during the rally.

The faces of the guests.

Newsreel of 1943: view of the destroyed Stalingrad (top).

German prisoners of war on the streets of Stalingrad.

Panorama of the destroyed mill building, left as a monument.

Fragments of the panorama "battle of Stalingrad".

Visitors in the halls of the exhibition "war of Germany against the USSR", opened in the panorama Museum.

A veteran gives an interview.

People view stands with photos and documents.

Photos of the atrocities of the German occupiers, presented at the exhibition.

Veterans Of Stalingrad


Hasbulatov Ruslan Imranovich -- statesman and politician Ruckoj Aleksandr Vladimirovich -- statesman and politician Grachev Pavel Sergeevich -- statesman and military leader Eremenko Andrej Ivanovich -- commander

Calendar: 1993

Locations: Volgograd [946] Stalingrad [947]

Seasons: Winter [823]

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