Lower Povolzhie № 11 (1960)

Newsreel №76978, 1 part, duration: 0:06:29, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:A. Sergeev
Camera operators:A. Sofjin, B. Ciperman, S. Avloshenko, D. Ivanov, D. Ibragimov
Other authors:G. Kovalev


Issue devoted to various aspects of life Saratov, Stalingrad, Astrakhan and Tambov regions.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"It was in the eighteenth...".

View of one of the halls of the Museum of defense of Tsaritsyn-Stalingrad.

9 delegate to the Congress of Soviets, A. G., the French speaks to the audience with memories of his meetings with Lenin, people listen Frantsuzova.

A picture of Lenin and Stalin on the wall of the Museum.

The call for the protection of the tsarina, published in the newspaper "Borba".

Photographs and paintings devoted to the defense of Tsaritsyn from the whites in 1918.

Documents on the defense of Tsaritsyn, signed by Lenin and Stalin.

A former Telegraph operator P. N. Sakharov tells Museum visitors about his service during the defense of Tsaritsyn.

Telegraph in the Museum.

Female Metallurgist.

View of the open-hearth furnace workshop of the Stalingrad factory "Red October".

Woman-metallurg M. P. Lapshova in the shop talking with the Steelworkers.

The production process in the shop.

Lapshova together with the foreman of the steel workers watching the process in the furnace through a protective glass.

Lapshova at the mill.

View of the steel plant laboratory, which is managed by Lapshova.

Lapshova takes part in one of the experiments.

Face Lapshovoe.

Lapshova discusses the result of the experiment with his employee.

On the river Tsne.

Fishermen have holes on the ice of the river Tsna, Tambov region.

Fishermen prepare holes for ice fishing.

Fishermen sit near the holes.

Fisherman pulls out of the hole caught fish.

Catch on the ice.

Panorama space flight fishing.

Chairman of the kolkhoz.

Chairman of the kolkhoz "Red partisan" of the Astrakhan region A. N. Gladilin is on the field, accompanied by the chief agronomist.

Preparation of seedlings in the collective greenhouse.

Gladilin talks with farmers in the greenhouse, face Gladilina.

Gladilin talking to the driver during the inspection of the equipment.

The face of one of the machine operators.

Gladilin leaves the car in the pasture.

Gladilin talking to the shepherd, by them are sheep.

In the forefront of change.

Kids shoes made in Balashovskiy Shoe factory, in the hands of workers.

View of a section of the factory shop.

The face of the head section of the L. Kuznechnoy workers V. Rodionova, Yulia Snizhko, L. Dyakova and Brigadier M. Tsaregradskii, the processes of making shoes.

View of the plant for making children's shoes.

Check the quality of manufactured shoes.

Komsomol wedding.

The ceremony of marriage in the House of culture of the Tambov plant "Komsomolets" Komsomolskaya activists Boris Plotnikov and p.

Tolmacheva, Yu.

Karelin mechanic and accountant C Kopylova, relatives congratulate the newlyweds.

The Chairman of the Committee on Lystrosaurus congratulate the newlyweds.

Guests applaud.

Guests and the couple raise their glasses, the couple kiss.

Guests dance in the hall of culture.

Newlyweds out of culture and go to the wedding car.

the car with the newlyweds drove through the streets of Tambov.

Calendar: 1960

Locations: Stalingrad [947] Tambov region [805] Astrakhan region [769] Saratov region [801]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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