Lower Povolzhie № 25 (1960)

Newsreel №76989, 1 part, duration: 0:07:00, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:Ya. Volovik
Camera operators:B. Ciperman, K. Lavigin, D. Ivanov, S Avloshenko, Yu. Selivanov
Other authors:Yu. Chibryakov


Issue devoted to various aspects of life Saratov, Stalingrad, Astrakhan and Tambov regions.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Semi-annual plan ahead of schedule.

View of the main body Kamyshinsky textile-spinning mill.

Interior view of one of the shops.

Production processes at the factory.

A. Chulkov spinner and weaver Kozhin at work.

Weaver K. Plotnikova in the process of maintenance of the machines.

Transportation of the finished product to the warehouse with the help of coaches.

Air assistants.

The leadership of the collective farm "Progress" in Saratov region agronomist Kosolapov and Chairman Abalmasov check the maturity of the wheat.

Pests in the palm agronomist.

Download pesticides in agricultural aviation aircraft.

Pilot Kartashov map says the agronomist Kosolapov areas of pollination.

A plane taking off.

Pollination field with the plane of chemicals against insect pests.

Kosolapov and Kartashov in a field, dead insects on the palm agronomist.

Hero of Socialist labor.

Trucks on the territory of Astrakhan machine-building plant "October".

The grinder tool shop A. N. Pavlova for work, the processing of the parts.

Pavlova in the shop shares his experience with a young worker.

Pavlov discussing production issue with his former pupil F. Nazarova, persons Pavlova and Nazarova.

Shows Moscow...

View of the tower of the Tambov television relay stations.

The station-birch, engineers Budniak and Jurin carried out a final check before the broadcast, the faces of the engineers.

Control devices on the instrument.

Equipment of the station, the employees at remote.

The family locksmith Bobylev expect broadcast TV show from Moscow.

Bobylev switches program on TV.

Moscow announcer on the TV screen.

Sport the bold.

Participants of Regional competitions for model aircraft and parachuting out on the field in Saratov with the models in hand.

Preparing the model for flight.

The signal to start the competition by a shot from a signal pistol.

Participants run their models, aircraft model in flight.

Skydivers go to the plane.

Landing of paratroopers in the plane.

Takeoff before takeoff.

Interior view of cockpit and dashboard.

The pilot at the controls.

Paratroopers leaving the aircraft, the descent of parachutists.

Landing one of the parachutists.

Pervorazryadnitsa Stalin Baidakov showed the best result among women that extinguishes the dome of a parachute after landing.

Another skydiver leaves the plane.

The descent and landing of the parachutist.

Who won the individual championship among men Yu.

Hetman extinguishes the canopy.

Calendar: 1960

Locations: Saratov region [801] Astrakhan region [769] Tambov region [805] Volgograd region [773]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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