Lower Povolzhie 1962 № 23

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Producer Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio

Director: V. Tyuhmenev

Operators: Yu. Selivanov, D. Ibragimov, A. Sofjin, A. Buldakov

Other authors: L. Morshneva


Issue devoted to various aspects of the life of Volgograd, Saratov, Astrakhan regions and Kalmykia Republic.

Russian cities and regions

Reel №1

A new ferry.

Launched diesel-electric ferry berth of the Astrakhan shipyard.

View of the deck of the ferry.

The interior of the passenger compartment.

Interior view of engine room.

Mechanics at the controls.

Scale control devices.

The ferry departs in Kineshma.

On one water.

Summer river landscape in Kamyzyaksky district of Astrakhan region.

Release young fish on carp.

Weighing of young carp on the Bank.

The faces of the farmers.

Release of carp into the lake.

Ducks swim in the lake.

Ducks in a poultry farm attendant handed out the food.

Panoramic view of the lake with the ducks in the water and on shore.

Happy flights!

Open the gates of Elistinskaya driving school training vehicles in the courtyard of the gate leaves car.

Cadets learn to practice the material part of the truck.

Theory lesson on the engine, those listeners.

Lesson on the rules of the road.

Excellent student A. Noraev sits in the cab of the truck.

The truck is sent on a training route.

The driver behind the wheel of a car.

The truck rides on the road.

People of noble heart.

Speakers Elistinskaya the radio announcement of the need of blood donation for transfusion to a sick child.

Loudspeakers on poles.

Volunteer donors are sitting in the queue for blood donation.

The faces of the donors.

The doctor talks to the schoolboy Volodya by Marjanovi, volunteered to donate blood.

Donor P. A. Serebryakov wears protective kit before the procedure of blood donation.

The faces of the doctor and the donor, the process of drawing blood.

The patient Sasha Simonenko on the bed in the room, stand near the doctors, pouring a sachet of blood donors.

Car street road.

Workers laid asphalt by hand.

Paver on one of the streets of Volgograd.

The process of asphalt laying machine working components and assemblies of the paver.

Passing steamroller.

In the Saratov music.

Architectural decoration on the wall of the Saratov music school.

The Director of the school tells about the history of its creation, the work of the teaching staff, emphasis on practical training of students (synchronously).

The teacher works with the young accordion player, a boy repeating a lesson.

A lesson in the piano class, the teacher gives instructions to the student.

Rehearsal of the Symphony orchestra of the school.




Astrakhan region
Saratov region
Republic of Kalmykia



Sea and river transport; Agriculture; Automobile transport; Education; Professions; Music; Medicine