Lower Povolzhie № 15 (1966)

Newsreel №77181, 1 part, duration: 0:09:41, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:V. Bajnov
Camera operators:Yu. Selivanov, A. Sofjin, I. Andreevskij, S. Avloshenko, V. Mitin
Text authors:O. Gladisheva
Other authors:E. Chinchikova


The issue is devoted to various aspects of life in the Saratov, Volgograd, Astrakhan, Tambov regions and Kalmykia.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

In memory of the hero.

Panorama of the rally a in Saratov at the plant "Sickle and Hammer" on the occasion of the opening of the monument to the pilot A. Holzunov.

The speaker speaks from the rostrum.

Type of rally.

The faces of the rally participants.

There are pioneers with banners and junior schoolchildren with bouquets of flowers in their hands.

One of the speakers speaks.

Participants of the rally during a minute of silence.

A major general speaks from the podium.

Types of the rally, the faces of the rally participants.

The veil is removed from the monument.

Types of the monument to Kholzunov.

Laying wreaths at the monument.

Pioneers and schoolchildren carry wreaths to the monument.

The faces of the pioneers standing with banners.

Honorary military guard at the monument.

View of the open-hearth shop of the Volgograd metallurgical plant "Red October".

Production processes in the shop, steelworkers at the furnaces.

Staleva A. F. Belousov at work at the furnace, the face of Belousov.

Delivery of the melting by the Belousov team.

Faces of Belousov and members of his brigade.

Unloading the catch from the nets in one of the Astrakhan tonya.

Pulling the net with a winch.

View of the collapsed network.

A nylon net in the hands of one of the fishermen.

Fishermen discuss the advantages and disadvantages of nylon nets with an employee of the Caspian Research Institute of Fisheries.

Employees of the Research Institute conduct research and experiments to improve the nylon fishing nets.

Experiment on the impregnation of networks with water dispersion of synthetic rubber in order to increase their strength.

Manufacturing process of synthetic thread for nets.

Production of fishing nets by a new method at the Astrakhan net-knitting factory.

Types of pre-election meeting in Elista, participants of the rally applaud.

Budyonny S. M. in the presidium of the rally responds to greetings.

One of the participants of the rally speaks from the podium, people in the hall applaud.

Budyonny speaks from the rostrum, views of the presidium and the assembly hall.

The participants of the meeting get up from their seats.

In a good way!

Playbill with the repertoire of student performances.

A fragment of the play.

The director of the Tambov branch of the Moscow Art Theater Studio speaks to the first graduates.

The faces of the teachers.

Handing flowers to one of the teachers.

Graduates and teachers applaud, the faces of graduates.


Participants of equestrian sports pass on horseback in front of the audience.

Horse racing at the Elista racetrack, the faces of the fans.

Fans applaud the young rider E. Ashgaliyev, Ashgaliyev goes the distance.

Ashgaliyev rides on horseback, showing the winner's cup.

View of the swimming pool in Astrakhan.

The water polo teams of Astrakhan and the national team of Cuba before the start of the match.

Fragments of the match, fans in the stands.

Scoreboard with the result of the match-3: 1 in favor of Astrakhan.

The opponents congratulate each other after the end of the match.


Budennij Semen Mihajlovich -- warlord

Calendar: 1966

Locations: Saratov region [801] Astrakhan region [769] Volgograd [946] Republic of Kalmykia [744] Tambov region [805]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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