Lower Povolzhie № 24 (1966)

Newsreel №77188, 1 part, duration: 0:10:16, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:A. Sergeev
Camera operators:B. Petrov, V. Mitin, L. Zheltuhin, O. Shelyugin, S. Avloshenko, B. Ciperman
Text authors:I. Toboljskij
Other authors:G. Kovalev


The issue is dedicated to the meeting of veterans of the defense of the Brest Fortress and various aspects of life in the Saratov, Volgograd, Tambov regions and Kalmykia.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Views of the Brest fortress, destroyed walls, traces of shrapnel and shells, a veteran sitting on a hill and smoking a pipe.

Defenders of the Brest fortress Saratovtsy N. Vologin and N. Yegorov in the train compartment talking to schoolchildren.

People on the territory of the fortress inspect the exhibits, the faces of tourists and veterans.

Veterans during a meeting at the battlefields in Brest, the faces of veterans.

The girl at the Eternal Flame.

Laying a wreath at the place of execution of the regimental commissar E. M. Fomin.

Fomin's son wipes away his tears.

Faces of veterans.

Panorama of one of the walls of the fortress.

Tourists inspect the basements of the barracks of the 333rd rifle regiment.

View of the destruction in the fortress.

The girl's face.

Screening and loading of grain into trucks at the grain flow of the state farm "Yuzhny" in the Kalmyk ASSR.

Distribution of waybills to drivers.

Trucks with grain are sent to the elevator.

Stubble husking and the rise of the swell in the fields of the state farm.

Police officers enter the premises of the detained driver of the Saratov convoy Shipulin.

The head of the police department announces to Shipulin the recovery of a fine of 30 rubles for swearing and hooliganism in a public place.

Unemployed V. Ovchinnikov, who was detained for hooliganism, answers the investigator's questions (synchronously).

The investigator announces to Ovchinnikov an increase in the sentence for violating the regime, Ovchinnikov gives explanations (synchronously).

The police lieutenant colonel announces to the detainee about bringing him to justice for hooliganism, explains the grounds for bringing him to justice (synchronously), the person of the detainee.

Sentencing the defendant Shadrin, Shadrin's face, the judge reads the sentence - imprisonment for a period of three years (synchronously).

A special combine harvester for harvesting sunflower, created in the Research Institute of Agriculture of the South-East, at the harvest.

Scientists estimate the loss of zen when using a new combine.

Type of combine.

Sunflower seeds are poured out of the sleeve of the combine.

View of the cutting machine of the combine.

Rotation of the grinding drum.

Designers led by M. I. Sokolov at the control site of the combine during its tests.

View of the pioneer camp "Druzhny" in the Tambov region.

Children play in the sand.

The word "Tashkent" laid out in sand.

Children play on the playground.

Arch over the entrance to the pioneer camp.

Pioneers on the paths of the camp.

Pioneers during a meeting with the Hero of Socialist Labor S. F. Chernenko.

Chernenko talks to the pioneers, the pioneers applaud.

A pioneer from Tashkent dances the national Uzbek dance, the faces of the applauding audience.

Participants of the competition for fire brigades at the Volgograd stadium "Dynamo" during the relay race.

Extinguishing fires with a fire extinguisher.

Overcome the obstacle course, roll out and connect the fire hoses on time.

Competitions for climbing fire ladders.

The faces of the winning team members.

Calendar: 1966

Locations: Brest [963] Republic of Kalmykia [744] Saratov region [801] Volgograd [946] Tambov region [805]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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