Lower Povolzhie № 25 (1974)

Newsreel №77283, 1 part, duration: 0:10:28, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:A. Sergeev
Camera operators:B. Ciperman, L. Denisov, I. Andreevskij, O. Shelyugin
Text authors:N. Kagan
Other authors:M. Kudasov


The issue is dedicated to the course of the harvest and various aspects of life in the Saratov, Volgograd, Astrakhan and Tambov regions.

Reel №1

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Selection of harvester rolls of mown wheat.

The driver behind the wheel of the truck.

Combine harvester at the harvest.

The ground grain is poured out of the sleeve of the combine into the back of the truck.

Link combine operator N. A. Konkin at the wheel of the combine.

Combines in the field on a selection of rolls.

Presentation of a red flag to one of the leaders.

The ground grain is poured out of the sleeve of the combine into the back of the truck.

The driver's face.

One of the drivers sets a red flag on the cab.

Rally in the collective farm "Panfilovsky" Volgograd region before sending the new crop of grain to the Elevator.

Participants of the rally applaud.

Delivery of waybills to drivers.

A column of trucks with grain is sent to the Elevator.

Selection of rolls of mown wheat combine.

The ground grain is poured out of the sleeve of the combine into the back of the truck.

Tractor driver in the cab of the tractor.

Plowing winter crops.

Refueling the tractor with fuel in the field of the state farm "Volga-don".

Plowing the field with tractors.

Machine operators inspect equipment.

Faces of machine operators.

Entering data in the observation list.

Tractor plowing.

Panorama of a plowed field.

The texts of newspaper publications about the work achievements in agriculture.

First Secretary of the Volgograd regional Committee of the CPSU Kulichenko Ls speaks from the podium.

Participants of the meeting applaud, stand up.

Kulichenko on the podium.

Kulichenko congratulates distinguished farmers, presents awards.

Faces of participants in the meeting.

Leaders of agriculture of the Volgograd region in the Presidium of the Assembly.

View of the meeting room.

Stand of the socialist competition of the Assembly shop of the Volgograd motor plant.

Engine Assembly on the factory Assembly line, those members of the brigade of fitters under the guidance of Ponderosa.

The text of "lightning" about the success of the brigade.

Agronomists in the field check the ripened grain.

Selection of mown rolls by the combine.

Combine operator M. Sergienko from the Tambov region at the wheel of the combine.

The driver behind the wheel of the truck.

Combine on a selection of rolls.

The ground grain is poured out of the sleeve of the combine into the back of the truck.

Selection of the roll.

Combine harvester at the harvest.

The Borzov combine harvester evaluates the maturity of the new crop grain.

Combine repair at night in the field.

Harvesting at night.


Refrigerator brand "Nast" in the kitchen.

Face of the collector.

Installing the freezer in the refrigerator body during Assembly at the factory in Tambov.

Assembly of refrigerators at the factory Assembly line.


View of a gas exploration rig in the Caspian basin.

Deep drilling team at work at the Aksaray well.

The first gas from the Aksaray well.

The faces of the drillers.

Streams of gas and flames burst out of the ground.

The celebration of rural sports.

Parade of participants of the championship of the final 2 rural all-Union sports games at the stadium in Saratov.

Pass the teams of the Union republics of the USSR.

Raising the national flag of the USSR.

The start of the competition on the run.

Competition of wrestlers.

Fragments of basketball and volleyball matches.

Participants in one of the races finish.

Unsuccessful approach of a weightlifter.

Tableau showing the set records.

Weight lifting by weightlifters, unsuccessful approaches of competitors.

The competition on the run with obstacles.


Kulichenko Leonid Sergeevich -- statesman and politician

Calendar: 1974

Locations: Volgograd region [773] Saratov region [801] Volgograd [946] Tambov region [805] Astrakhan region [769]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

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