Lower Povolzhie № 13 (1975)

Newsreel №77302, 1 part, duration: 0:10:15, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:A. Sergeev
Camera operators:V. Sofjin, Yu. Selivanov, O. Shelyugin, A. Pimenov
Text authors:D. Popova
Other authors:E. Chinchikova, N. Dorofeeva, Yu. Galishkin


The issue is dedicated to the conduct of Communist subbotniks at enterprises and farms in Volgograd, Saratov, Astrakhan, Tambov regions and the leaders of Kalmykia.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Blooming spring flowers.

Young leaves on tree branches.

Landscapes of the Volga Delta, flora and fauna.

Ships on the Volga.

Swelling buds on the trees.

Birds on the branches.

Trees with birds ' nests.

Rooks in the nest.

A brass band is playing.

Residents of Saratov go to the Communist subbotnik to improve the city.

People work on a subbotnik to improve the embankment, the faces of participants in the subbotnik.

Girls dig up the lawn.

A brass band is playing.

Subbotnik on one of the streets of Saratov.

The Chairman of the collective farm "Lenin's way" of the Tambov region delivers a speech to the collective farmers at a rally in honor of the beginning of the Communist subbotnik.

Faces of collective farmers.

View of an empty school classroom.

Students work at the school site.

High school students cut down dry tree branches.

The collection of scrap metal, tidying up the lawns.

Girls plant trees.

Chairman of the collective farm V. A. Volkov observes the work of schoolchildren.

Wolves behind the wheel of a car.

Volkov in the field talking to machine operators.

Loading bins of the sowing unit with seed grain.

Sowing on one of the collective farm fields.

Volkov talks to a tractor driver during field work.

Seeders with harrows in the field during the sowing of early grain.

Workers of the Volgograd tractor plant go on a clean-up day.

Production processes on the main conveyor of the plant.

Members Of V. Slepukhin's team at work, workers ' faces.

Advanced team Kharitonova at work.

Pilot-cosmonaut O. G. Makarov goes to the conveyor.

One of the workers gives explanations to Makarov, Makarov's face.

Makarov performs one of the production operations.

Assembly of tractors on the conveyor.

The new tractor comes out of the shop gate.

Panorama of the loading area, loading the tractor on the railway platform.

View of the territory of the Astrakhan shipbuilding Association.

Members of the Klyushin team during the subbotnik discuss the production issue.

Transportation of parts of a large-capacity tanker during its installation.

The foreman gives signals to the crane operator.

Installation of large-sized tanker parts.

Welders and installers of the Klyushin team at work.

30 years of Victory.

View of the main staircase of The Central Museum Of the armed forces of the USSR.

Victory banner on display at the Museum.

Faces of delegates of the Kalmyk ASSR.

Delegates are photographed at the Victory banner.

The face of hurtopravci Anjaleoni from the farm "PrimaryKey".

Angutaev while working at the shepherd point.

Angutaev sits in the saddle.

The father's face, Anjaleoni.

Angutaev riding toured the grazing cattle.

Face tractor S. Kireeva.

Chikeev sits in the cab of the tractor.

Chikeev driving a tractor.

For spring sowing at the farm "Zukotynski" the Kalmyk ASSR.

The face of the foreman of cooks V. Nazarova.

Chefs in the kitchen of the cafe "Sputnik" in Elista.

Preparation of national Kalmyk dishes.

Delegates of the Kalmyk ASSR are photographed at the Victory banner in the Museum of the Armed forces in Moscow.

Kalmyk delegates during a tour of Moscow.

Queue at Lenin's mausoleum.

Delegates are photographed against the background of the mausoleum.

View of the Volgograd embankment.

Cargo ship is on the Volga.


Makarov Oleg Grigorjevich -- pilot-cosmonaut

Calendar: 1975

Locations: Saratov region [801] Tambov region [805] Volgograd [946] Astrakhan region [769] Republic of Kalmykia [744] Moscow [820]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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