Lower Povolzhie № 30 (1980)

Newsreel №77449, 1 part, duration: 0:10:05, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:Karyakin V.
Camera operators:Glazunov N., Denisov L., Pimenov A., Rashidov S., Sofjin V., Shelyugin O.
Text authors:Kirsanova T.


1. "The Foundation Of The World". 2. "Link Krasovsky". 3. "Scientists - agriculture". 4. "Meet "Buggy".

Reel №1

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1. To the Peace Foundation.

Elista, people are coming out of the park, a bus is passing by.

People move away from the traffic light.

City communication center, telephone operators at the switchboards.

General view of the camera room.

Telephone operators.

A solemn meeting.

The Board of the Peace Foundation awarded the signalmen with a certificate of honor for the transfer of money.

Applause of employees of the communication center.

The chief with a certificate in his hands.

The diploma is close.

At the rally, people sign an appeal to the workers of the city.

Telephone operators in the workplace.

Shop of a clothing factory.

Women at sewing machines.

People sit on a bench, passers-by go by.

A man leads a small child by the hand.

2. Krasovsky's link.

Kolkhoz named after K. Marx in the Saratov region, alfalfa field.

A tractor is driving through the field, harvesting.

Grass spills into the back of the truck.

A man examines the tractor engine.

Alexander Ivanovich Ryabkin.

Alexander Fedorovich Salyukov next to his tractor.

Vasily Tuluzakov at the wheel.

Brigadier Viktor Petrovich Krasovsky peels potatoes.

A half-mown field.

Tractor mows alfalfa.

Irrigation system.

Vasily Tuluzakov's tractor harvests.

Young gobies eat from feeders.

The tractor fills the animal feed.

V. P. Krasovsky.

V. Tuluzakov.

A. I. Ryabkin.

A. F. Salyukov.

V. P. Krasovsky.

View of the field, a tractor is driving in the distance.

3. Scientists - agriculture.

Institute of Horticulture named after I. V. Michurin, in the foreground a tree branch.

An orchard.

Director of the Institute Vitaly Afanasyevich Gryazev gives an interview about his work.

Fruits of various varieties of apples.

Scientists at the map of the network of scientific institutions of the country.

People at the stands with photos.

Scientists work in the laboratory.

Agricultural machinery.

Treatment of garden trees from pests.

Panorama of the garden.

A place for a rice check (aspic field).

Geodetic works before the start of construction.

Surveyors with the help of machine operators make maps of the terrain.

The scientist passes the map to the mechanic.

The surveyor looks at the rangefinder.

People measure the distance, a tractor goes by.

Kalina-1 laser system.

Scheme of the system operation principle.

The man turns on the laser.

Device on the roof of the tractor cab.

Observation tower.

Tractors in the field.

The mechanic behind the wheel.

Indicators in the cab.

The mechanic looks back.

A column of tractors.

The mechanic behind the wheel.

The laser rotates.

Tractors drive towards each other.

4. Meet the "Buggy".

An athlete in a cross-country sports car.

Before the start of the race, athletes and mechanics inspect the cars.

5th All-Union competitions on the "Buggy" in Balakovo, rows of participants under the flags.

Honorary judge, cosmonaut Georgy Mikhailovich Grechko delivers a speech.

Correspondents with cameras.

Inspection of cars.

Athletes in the cabins.

G. M. Grechko waves the starting flag.

The race begins.

Cars at a distance.

People run to the overturned car.

The car is turned over and put on the wheels.

The athlete leaves.

Cars in the dust.

Spectators on the hill.

The race continues.

The winner is Olev Asna from Estonia and the winners of the race.


Gryazev V.A. -- doctor of agricultural Sciences, Professor, academician of RAE, Honored worker of science and education of RAE, a veteran of WWII. Grechko G.M. -- pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR, Twice Hero of the Soviet Union.

Locations: Republic of Kalmykia [744] Saratov region [801] Tambov region [805] Astrakhan region [769]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

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