Volga lights № 11 (1981)

Newsreel №77460, 1 part, duration: 0:09:40, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:M. Kudasov
Camera operators:D. Ibragimov, V. Sofjin, N. Glazunov
Text authors:S. Kazakova
Other authors:E. Chinchikova


The release describes the working dynasty of the Bucket with the Saratov aviation plant and about the various aspects of life in Saratov and Astrakhan regions.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The YAK-3 on the pedestal at the Saratov aviation plant.

Representatives of the working dynasties go to the monument.

People at a monument before taking the photo.

Photos of veterans of the great Patriotic war and members of their families in different years.

One of the workers said about the reasons for his admission on the aircraft, working on the family dynasty, tells about her brothers working in the factory (synchronously).

Assembly of aircraft at the Saratov aircraft factory.

Representatives of one of the dynasties of workers in the factory shop.

Check equipment one automatic production lines.

The engineer supervises the work of draftsmen in the design Bureau of the plant.

Representatives of the working dynasties at work.

The study of design documentation.

The head of the working dynasty of the Bucket at work in the workshop, person P. V. Kovshova.

Kovshovy in the factory shop.

The faces of the father and brothers of the Bucket.

Panorama of part of the Assembly shop.

The representatives of the working dynasty of the Bucket photographed on the background of the aircraft monument.

Panorama and types of construction of residential district in the Astrakhan region.

Persons foremen M. Koblova and his student Yuri Kulikov discussing the current production question.

Production meeting of builders, the faces of the participants.

Face Kulikov.

The installation of concrete constructions for the construction of a house.

Team members Kulikova at work.

Kulikov directs the installation of the next design.

Bricklayers and concrete workers at work.

The view of the object under construction.

View of the main building of the Engels plant of automotive ignition of candles, a sign with the name of the plant above the entrance.

The plant samples.

The process of assembling the candles.

Performing manual operations on an Assembly line, those workers.

The monitoring of quality candles.

The automated part of the process of making candles.

Performing semi-automatic operations, the working face.

Production processes in the shops of the plant.

The work of automatic machines.

The plant samples.

Panorama vegetable greenhouse complex at the farm "Greenhouse" in Saratov region.

Shipping containers in one of the greenhouses, the view of the communication pipe for watering the vegetables.

COP cucumbers in a greenhouse, stacking cucumbers in wooden boxes.

Interior view of one of the greenhouses.

Farm workers visiting grown green onions.

Picking tomatoes in a greenhouse.

Tomatoes on a branch.

Shipping containers in greenhouses with a tractor loader.

Customers choose vegetables at the store.

The view of the sales area of the grocery store.

The preparation of vegetable dishes and salads in one of the Saratov cafe.

Weavers of the village Samiilove Astrakhan region woven on looms carpets and rugs.

Samples of woven carpets.

Women knit lace, sitting on the couch at home, the faces of women.

Lace doily on the TV.

Basket weaving in the workshop for the weaving products of the vine in the village Kamardan.

Samples of woven garments.

Master production pilot enterprises "Caspian craftsmen"for the manufacture of woven bags and shoes.

Samples of products of folk craftsmen.

Calendar: 1981

Locations: Astrakhan region [769] Saratov region [801]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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