Volga lights № 22 (1981)

Newsreel №77468, 1 part, duration: 0:09:42, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:M. Ivanova
Camera operators:N. Glazunov, Yu. Popov, A. Pimenov
Text authors:N.Kagan
Other authors:N. Katkova


Issue devoted to various aspects of life in the Saratov region and the Kalmyk ASSR.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The harvest of 81.

The pouring grain from one hand to the other.

Cracked earth drought.

Harvested grain on zernotok.

A man drinks water from a mug.

Blooming sunflower.

Birds on the edge of the bucket of the well.

A dog lies in the shade.

Harvester in the field.

Chairman of the kolkhoz "Victory" of the Engels district M. A. Belozersky during a detour of collective land, behind the scenes story sounds Belozersk on the progress of the harvest, emerging issues and their resolution (synchronously).

Grain zernotok.

Belozersky wipes her face with a handkerchief.

Harvesters to harvest.

Brigadier Silchenko drinking water from a well, behind the scenes story sounds Silchenko about the problems with the new harvest (synchronously).

Silchenko zernotok checks the quality of grain, face Silchenko.

The combine mows wheat.

Autoshop in the field.

Repair combine in the field.

Combiner R. D. Metzner inspects the car.

Machine-repair technique.

Metzner climbs on the processor.

Threshed grain poured out of the sleeve of the combine into the truck.

Grain zernotok.

Tractor on the field.

The economy must be economical.

View of the plant, the Saratov factory of heavy gear cutting machines.

The production process in the shop.

Panorama of the shop, working person.

Chief engineer V. S. Krasheninnikov tells about the establishment of the company's creative teams constantly working on reducing the complexity and metal content, the number of saved ferrous and non-ferrous metals, reducing the complexity of production for the half-year (synchronous).

The production process in the shop, working at the bench.

Assembly machines and automatic lines.

Interior view of the design Bureau of the plant.

Layouts and photographs of machines.

Designers at work.

Animal shock front.

Manager receives an indication on the phone.

Interior view of control room of a livestock breeding complex in the Saratov region.

View kormoproizvodstvo shop.

Playing with each other pigs.

Piglets suck milk from the mother, the face of the pig.

Sows and piglets in a special zagonchike.

Water flow in trough.

Pigs drink from the drinkers.

Blood sampling in pigs.

Interior view of the pig.

Pig cleans up after pigs.

Pigs eating from the trough.

The process of manufacture of animal feed.

Panorama of the territory of the pig farm (above).

Sport the bold.

Riders preparing to compete at the Speedway, check the material.

Motorcyclists wear helmets and goggles.

Poster competitions at the Speedway in Kalmykia.

Motorcyclists start.

Episodes of the competition, riders go the distance.

Start motorcyclists local team "meteor".

Motorcyclists are at a distance, the faces of the fans.

Motorcyclists finish.

Calendar: 1981

Locations: Saratov region [801] Republic of Kalmykia [744]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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