Volga lights № 7 (1985)

Newsreel №77568, 1 part, duration: 0:09:49, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:A. Ibragimova
Camera operators:A. Sofjin, Yu. Popov, L. Denisov, V. Sofjin
Text authors:N. Kagan
Other authors:D. Popova


The issue is dedicated to advances in manufacturing and agriculture in the Saratov and the Astrakhan and Volgograd areas of science fiction writers love Eugene and Lukin.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. On the watch of the five-year plan.

Loading and transportation of feed in the collective farm "Russia" in the Astrakhan region.

Cows eat hay from the feeder.

Interior view of the cowshed.

A farm worker does the cleaning.

Shredding hay in the feed mill and feeding it to the cowshed.

Cows at the trough.

Milkmaid Cherpikhina is preparing for milking.

Cherpikhina's face, cows eating hay.

Milking cows.

Drain in cans of freshly milked milk.

High school students of a local school at a practical lesson on animal husbandry, the faces of young men and girls.

Cows at the trough.

Engine repair at the production association "Saratovautoremont".

The face of Brigadier Chibisov.

Chibisov at work.

The engine is on the conveyor.

Members of the Chibisov brigade at work, the faces of the workers.

View of one of the shops of the association.

A repaired truck drives out of the union gate.

2. Our contemporary.

The mill worker of the plant "Sardizel" I. Borovkov passes the test on drawing at the evening department of the Saratov Polytechnic Institute.

Borovkov's face.

The teacher checks the drawing made by Borovkov.

The teacher signs in the test book of Borovkov.

The teacher's face.

Borovkov is in the shop at the machine, discussing various issues on the job.

Borovkov examines an album with photos taken during his years of service in the Navy.

Portrait of Borovkov in a naval uniform.

Wedding photo of Borovkov.

Borovkov is walking along the street of Saratov.

The hands of a man typing on a typewriter.

Mask and sheet with printed text.

The face of the science fiction writer E. Lukin, illustrations for a literary work.

The wardrobe in Lukin's room.

The cat is lying on the table.

Lukin's hands, typing on a typewriter.

Lukin's son and wife, lying on the sofa, watch him work.

The faces of Lukin and his wife.

Portraits of the Lukins by the artist Koval.

During the creative process, the Lukins discuss the plot of the future work.

Lukin is typing on a typewriter, a cat is lying on the table.

Covers of periodicals in which the stories of the Lukins were printed.

Lyubov and Yevgeny Lukin talk about the creative path of the family writing duo, talk about the genre and the role of fiction in literature, about the theme of war and peace in their work (synchronously).

The faces of Lyubov and Yevgeny Lukin, talking, sitting on a bench.

Lukins walk in the park.


Lukin Evgenij Yurjevich -- science fiction writer

Calendar: 1985

Locations: Volgograd [946] Saratov region [801] Astrakhan region [769]

Seasons: Winter [823] Autumn [826]

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