Volga lights № 26 (1985)

Newsreel №77577, 1 part, duration: 0:09:28, black-white
Production: Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio
Director:I. Bessarabova,
Camera operators:Yu. Selivanov, A. Krivoruchko, V. Voronov, V. Sofjin
Text authors:S. Kazakova


Agricultural work at the farm. The Comintern of Krasnokutsky district of Saratov region. The construction of a gas pipeline from polyethylene pipes in the villages of Saratov region. Manufacturer of polyethylene pipes in Saratov Institute GIPRONIIGAZ. Of Kalmykia. Shooting a TV program about the driller urilist of Kalmykia Nikolay Andreyevich Melchakova. Kalmykia, Lagansky district, nature reserve "the Marine Birochok". The work in the sanctuary and the family life of Valentina Tsymbal. Volgograd. Feast day of Air fleet of the USSR.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The title "To meet the XXVII Congress of the CPSU".

Kolkhoz im.

The Comintern of the Krasnokutsky District of the Saratov Region.

Field-removed from the car window from the traffic.

Harvesters are reaping.

Collective farmers are standing near the combine.

Collective farmers at work, grain is poured into the truck.

Detail of the combine harvester with the NDP "Kuzhakhmeto V. N. zven'eva".

The tractor loads the straw.

The tractor carries trailers with straw.

Fertilize the soil with a tractor.

Mown field-removed from traffic from the car window.

Saratov region.

PNRM. by field.


People bathe.

Children run along the road and roll a balloon.

Rural house, front garden.

PNRM. by field.

Pull the gas pipeline from polyethylene pipes.

Workers carry pipes.

Pipes are soldered together.



Saratov Institute of GIPRONIIGAZ.

The laboratory is developing polyethylene pipes.

Scientists in the laboratory.

Pipe samples.

Forming a piece of pipe.

Checking the strength of the pipe.

Load device.

Photos of plastic pipe laying.

River, bank.

TV studio.

Spotlights, a cameraman with a camera, a hero with an interviewer.

CU. pl. - Kalmykia driller Nikolai Andreevich Melchakov.

The operator with the camera moves around the studio.

CU. pl. - the operator looks at the camera.

Drillers go to the drilling rig.

Drilling rig.

The drill is lowered into the well.

Melchakov N. A. examines the details of the drilling rig mechanism.

Top view-drilling and Melchakov N. A. at the control panel.

Melchakov N. A. gives an interview in the TV studio.

Awards of N. A. Melchakov

The pipes are on the ground, the tower.

The title is "The owners of the "Sea Biryuchka".

Kalmykia, Lagansky district, reserve "Sea Biryuchok".

The boat sails on the Caspian Sea.

Inspector Valentina Tsymbal is patrolling the Marine Biryuchok nature reserve.

Tsymbal V. looks through binoculars.

PNRM. along the shore.



Tsymbal V. podvyazavet cucumbers.

Men dismantle boards in the yard.

Men and a child burn grass.

Tsymbal V. erases.

The man at the table cuts bread.

The Tsymbal couple load their guns.

Tsymbal V. swims in a PNRM boat. on the water and thickets.

Title "Courage Strength Beauty»


The skydiver's equipment is lying on the grass.

The skydiver puts on a suit.

Skydivers enter the plane.

The planes are on the field.


Skydivers in the sky.

The plane makes a dead loop.

The plane is flying upside down.

Skydiving tricks.

The skydiver lands.

The skydiver carries the parachute after the jump.

Key words

day air fleet of the USSR, village life, hunting, controlling poaching, harvesting time, children's games, scientific research, filming TV, work achievements, Vietnam,

Seasons: Summer [824] Day [828]

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