Soviet Karelia № 3 (1967)

Newsreel №77753, 1 part, duration: 0:10:11
Production: LSDF
Director:L. Kufos
Camera operators:R. Shevalje, V. Myaki
Other authors:Yu. Kalabin,


The construction of the road Murmansk-Leningrad. The activity of the Karelian Institute of Geology. Petrozavodsk mica factory named March 8, work in the shop manual splitting of mica. The work of a tailor shop. Elections to councils at all levels. Farm white mink. Cultivation of vegetables in greenhouses farm named after Zaitsev. The work of the head of the design Department of the Onega tractor plant. Ladvinskiy district hospital prionezhskiy district. Manufacture of souvenir production in Russia, production and technical workshops. Gymnastics class coach with Stucco V. Ya.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

66 parallel, the area of the Louhi-Chupa-Kandalaksha stage, construction of the Murmansk-Leningrad highway.

Trucks are driving along the road.

Earth and rocks fall out of the car body.

The accountant Valentina Sergeeva is congratulated on March 8.

Hands holding a telegram.

The women smile.

CU. pl. - women of various professions.

A woman does a manicure.

The hairdresser does her hair.

Hands scribble on a sewing machine.

Hands with a knife cut the mica.

Fill out the form for tailoring a men's suit.

Karelian Institute of Geology.

Employees in the office.

Doctor of Geographical Sciences Galina Sergeevna Biske examines the map, looks at the sample.

Samples of geological rocks on the shelves with signatures.

Map of mineral resources of Karelia.

Petrozavodsk Mica factory named after March 8.

Shop for the splitting of mica.

The knife splits the mica.

Master of the shop Hero of Socialist Labor Ekaterina Semyonovna Antipova helps her colleagues in their work.

Designer-fashion designer Valentina Ivanovna Vainonen in the tailor shop at work.

Vainonen V. I. makes notes, looks at fashion magazines.

The cutter at work.

Posters about the March 12 elections to the councils of all levels.

Bulletin with information about the candidate Vainonen V. I.

There is a bus with a poster about the elections.

Street decorations for the election.

People vote, miss ballots from the ballot box.

CU. pl. - certificate of election as a deputy.

Meeting on the street, the certificate of election as a deputy is handed to Polina Nikolaevna by the Queen.

White mink farm.

A mink in a cage.

Cages with minks.

An employee holds a mink in her hands.

State farm named after Zaitsev.

An employee in the greenhouse is watering onions.

Agronomist of the greenhouse plant Klavdia Vasilyevna Komarova weeds cucumbers.

Lamps over the cucumber beds.

The head design department of the Onega Tractor Plant.

Employees draw for kulmans.

Ellina Borisovna Rebrova works for kulman.

Assembly shop of skidding tractors.

Rebrova E. B. talks to a worker.

Skidding tractors leaves the shop.

The village of Ladva in the Prionezhsky district of Karelia.

Village street.

Windows with platbands.

Ladvinsky district hospital.

Nurse Yevgenia Nikolaevna Evstratova measures the patient's blood pressure.

CU. pl. - tonometer.

Chief physician Sofya Antonovna Pyantukova listens to the child with a phonendoscope.

Doctor Pyantukova S. A., mother and child in the office.

Petrozavodsk production and technical workshops.

Souvenirs made of Karelian birch.

Work in the shop of applied arts.

An employee works on a wood burner.

An employee paints a figure.

Coach Natalia Yakovlevna Lepnina conducts classes in the gymnastics class.

Girls do exercises.

A gymnast works with a ribbon.

Gymnasts work with the ball.

Key words

snow, drifts, microscope, a manual method of splitting mica, sewing machine, pins, toys of wood, wall bars, polling station, fur, rhythmic gymnastics


Biske G.S. - doktor geograficheskih nauk Vajnonen V.I. - konstruktor-modeljer Pyantukova S.A. - glavvrach

Locations: Petrozavodsk

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825]

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