Soviet Karelia № 8 (1969)

Newsreel №77760, 1 part, duration: 0:10:03
Production: LSDF
Director:L. Kufos
Camera operators:O. Luchinin, V. Petrov, B. Sevastjyanov, V. Selickij
Other authors:M. Mamedov


Delegation of Karelia on the 6th session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR 7-th convocation. Visit Shuya-Vidansky Lespromkhoz (pasolac Chalna, Pryazha national district in Karelian Republic) expert group on timber the European economic Commission under United Nations (UN). Harvesting silage at the Olonets farm. The choir of the Finnish choir "Kullervo". The story of the writer Nevsky A. M.; on the activities of the projectionist Kovaleva A. A. Pioneer camp "the Spark" on the lake Lososinnoe.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

6 session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of the 7th convocation.


LS. pl. - the Kremlin.

Arrival of the train.

The deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from Karelia get out of the car.

Deputies are walking on Red Square.

Deputies enter the building of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

Meeting room.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR Andrey Andreevich Gromyko makes a report, the Presidium.


The vote.

Shuisko-Vidansky forestry enterprise (posolek Chalna, Pryazhinsky National district of the Karelian Republic).

Visit to the timber industry by the timber expert group of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN).

Cranes, logs.

The log is cleared of branches.

Logs on the conveyor.

Olonets state farm.

PNRM. on a field with hayloft.

The tractor mows the grass.

The car is carrying a haystack.

The tractor collects hay.

The collective farmer covers the hay with a film.

Production of herbal flour.

Flour mill.

Bags of flour.

Hand with flour.

The employee packs the flour in a bag.

Automatic cow washing.

Cows are walking in the field.

Bus with a delegation to exchange experience.

Delegates walk down the street.

Monument to Peter I.

A post with posters.

The choir of the Finnish choir chapel "Kullervo" sings.

The writer Alexander Mikhailovich Nevsky is walking through the forest, sitting on the shore of the lake.


Nevsky A.M. works at home.

The postman delivers the mail in the village.

A resident of the village receives an invitation.

Projectionist Alexander Akimovich Kovalev writes at the table.

Kovalev A. A. charges the film into the movie camera.

Proctor beam in the hall.

The audience in the cinema.

On the screen, shots of S. Eiseinstein's film "October".

Kovalev A. A. flips through movie posters.

A. A. Kovalev hangs a poster for the film "We'll live to see Monday".

Lake Lososinnoe, shore.

Houses of the children's camp "Iskorka".

Children do exercises.

The pioneers are marching in formation.

Children bathe.

Children go boating.

Boy flying vegetable garden hoe.

Children play football.

Girls collect flowers.

Children go camping.

Children set up a tent camp.

The attendants hang a cauldron over the fire.

The duty solit is on their way.

Children eat.

Tents on the lake shore.

Key words

summer camp, performances, choral singing, station, the capital of the USSR, agricultural machinery, harvesting, literature, art, agriculture, cinema, cinema, childhood and youth,


Gromiko A.A. - ministr inostrannih del SSSR. Nevskij A.M. - pisatelj.

Seasons: Summer [824]

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