Soviet Karelia № 12 (1974)

Newsreel №77847, 1 part, duration: 0:09:16
Director:Yu. Torgaev
Camera operators:V. Selickij
Other authors:S. Barhatova


Plot Valaamskogo timber industry. Congratulations to the team of the workpiece 30 thousand cubic metres of timber and the New year. Onega tractor plant, presentation of work Bravinova Vladimir and Lev Simonov gold signs of the Komsomol "Young guard a five-year plan". Suoyarvskiy poultry, harvesting of eggs. Petrozavodsk bakery, making Christmas cakes. Petrozavodsk Finnish drama theatre, play "Kalevala", the Finnish Director he Nuotio. Christmas Bazaar the Christmas decorations.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Santa Claus is walking through the forest.

Plot of the Volomsky forestry enterprise.

A woodcutter saws a tree with a chainsaw.

PNRM. from the crown of a pine tree to a lumberjack.

The logger writes "30000"on the log.

A skidder tractor pulls logs.

The team is congratulated by the director of the forestry enterprise Alexander Ivanov and the secretary of the party organization Stanislav Timofeevich Fedorov.

Santa Claus gave the brigade a Christmas tree.

Shop of the Onega Tractor Plant.

Crane, workers at the machines.

Presentation of the golden badges of the Central Committee of the Komsomol "Young Guardsman of the five-year plan"to workers Vladimir Braginov and Lev Simonov.

The workers applaud.

Lev Simonov at the machine.

The machine works.

A worker in a beret and protective glasses at the machine.

Suoyarva poultry farm.

Christmas tree in balloons and rain.

Chickens in a cage.

Eggs on the conveyor belt.

Shop with chickens in cages.

Chickens peck at food.

The birdwoman puts the eggs in the trays.

The eggs are cleaned and stamped on the conveyor.

Egg trays.

Packaging shop.

Petrozavodsk bakery.

On the cake, the inscription "Happy New Year"is displayed.

There is a master pastry chef of the 1st class Dmitry Isayevich Tulkov.

Employees decorate cakes.

Ready-made cakes.

A sign on the wall "Site of high production culture.

Master Tyulkov D. I.".

Petrozavodsk Finnish Drama Theater, preparation of the play "Kalevala".

Director Kurt Nuotio at a rehearsal.

Actors on stage.

Nuotio K. gives an interview.

A fragment of the play.

New Year's market of Christmas decorations.

The seller shows a garland.

Children at the counter.

Customers are considering Christmas toys.

Showcase with Santa Claus.

Key words

New year, implementation of the plan, presentation of award insignia, Christmas cakes, Christmas decorations, balloons, agriculture, theater, theatrical performance,


Nuotio K. - finskij rezhisser. Ivanov A.I. - direktor lespromhoza.

Seasons: Winter [823] Day [828]

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