Soviet Karelia № 11 (1966)

Newsreel №77860, 1 part, duration: 0:10:04
Production: LSDF
Director:E. Arshanskij
Camera operators:I. Akmen, G. Afanasjev, V. Zuev, A. Fishman


Leningrad. The creation of a model of a steam locomotive-monument of H2-293 master G. and V. Vasiliev who took his machinist V. M. Virolaynen. Preparing and conducting lessons for the teacher I. P. Popov. Petrozavodsk. The construction of the house. About the village of Nadvoitsy, Segezha region. Prionezhsky on agricultural exhibition. Petrozavodsk awarding of house-building plant press operator I. M. Huttunen the Order of Lenin and Golden medal Hammer and Sickle. Petrozavodsk. Demonstration on the occasion of the great October revolution.

Reel №1

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Steam locomotive-monument H2-293.

The square in front of the Finlyandsky Railway Station.

Monument to Lenin.


There are passengers.

The nose of locomotive 293.

Master Georgy Vasilyevich Vasiliev inspects the locomotive.

Vasiliev and driver Voldemar Matveyevich Virolainen at the locomotive.

G. V. Vasiliev and V. M. Virolainen in the cab of the locomotive.

Model of the steam locomotive 293.

V. M. Virolainen examines a model of a steam locomotive.

The cabin of a model steam locomotive.

Painting "Speech of V. I. Lenin at the II All-Russian Congress of Soviets".

Teacher Ivan Petrovich Popov examines reproductions of paintings and photographs.

I. P. Popov writes a synopsis in the library.

The librarian brings I. P. Popov books.

I. P. Popov holds a microfilm in his hands.

I. P. Popov leads the class.


I. P. Popov includes a record of V. I. Lenin.


Building a house.

Construction site.

The crane carries the load.

Builder Nikolai Serebryakov says.

Builders install a concrete beam.

The welder works.

PNRM. on the construction site.

New residential buildings.

A truck is coming.

The village of Nadvoitsy, Segezha district.

Children walk down the street.

Chronicle. 1940-1959.

Wooden houses of the village.

Construction of the Nadvoitsky aluminum plant.

View of the village.

A ZIL truck passes by on the road.

The bus is coming.

Children play on the playground.

The child fell into the snow.

People are walking through the city.

Prionezhskaya interdistrict Agricultural exhibition.

Visitors go to the exhibition.

The woman cuts the red ribbon.

There are potatoes, eggs, and carrots on the stand.

PNRM. on the stands.


Sheaves of grain.

There is a cabbage on the stand.

People talk about their exhibits.

Say the shepherds of Yershov.

Stand with furry fur.

CU. pl. - skin.


House-building plant.

Workshop of wood-fiber boards.

A wood-fiber board moves on the conveyor.

The cutter divides the plate into parts.

Presser Ivan Matveyevich Huttunen at the press console.

Press devices.


The audience applauds.

The Presidium.

I. M. Huttunen was awarded the Order of Lenin and the Hammer and Sickle Gold Medal.


Demonstration on the occasion of the Great October Revolution.

Demonstrators walk through the square.

On the podium, party members and leaders of the republic.

Go athletes.

There are spectators.

Pass the military.

Key words

playing in the snow, banners, slogans, balloons, models, monuments of history, propaganda, buildings, trucks, childhood, achievements,

Seasons: Autumn [826] Day [828] Evening [829]

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