Panorama № 9 (1986)

Newsreel №78374, 1 part, duration: 0:09:52
Production: LSDF
Director:Zh. Romanova
Camera operators:A. Akatjev, E. Bryuhanov, V. Ishutin, A. Tretjyakov
Text authors:L. Pleskacheva
Other authors:G. Shiroyan


The work of the Ivanovo cotton mill them. F. N. Samoilov, Optical-mechanical plant "Prisma" in Andropov (Rybinsk), the co-op store and processing Department of the Yaroslavl regional Union of consumer rental "Do it yourself". The story about the girl Tanya Lozovoy, saved the friend and received the medal for saving drowning.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The building of the Ivanovo Cotton Mill named after F. N. Samoilov.

An employee of the plant applies a drawing to the fabric.

The employee looks at the microscope.

The image in the microscope.

The employee presses the buttons on the machine to apply the pattern to the fabric.

Hand, buttons.

An employee pours water on a shaft with a print pattern on the fabric.

Director of the plant Evgeny Osminin gives an interview.

PNRM. based on tissue samples.

Fabric under a magnifying glass.

Oxen for printing.

The machine prints the pattern on the fabric.

An album with samples of drawings for fabric.

Shop of the Optical and Mechanical plant "Prisma" in Andropov (Rybinsk).

Team meeting.

Employees of the team of grinders.

Work in the shop.

The automatic machine pours water on the lenses.

The employee puts the part in the machine.

PNRM. a stack of lenses.

An employee checks the lens.

Preparation of the solution.



Fruit and vegetable department.

People at the counter.

PNRM. on fruits and vegetables in the co-op store.

PNRM. on display with sausage products.

The saleswoman wraps the product in paper.

CU. pl. - buyers.

Department of "Gastronomy".

The customer drinks from a glass.

Meat processing shop of the Yaroslavl Regional Consumer Union.

The sausage is tied with a rope.

Sausage hangs in the shop.

Fish hangs in the shop.

Employees pack fish.

Repair work in the shop.


Onion rings are dried.

A poster with a bow, signed in foreign languages.

Cans of horseradish, apple juice, cucumbers are on the table.

A village house, a man is walking along the road.

On the street, the carcass is weighed on a scale.

CU. pl. - an elderly woman at the receiving and purchasing point.

Women talk outside the house.

PNRM. from a residential building to a consumer service plant in Kirov.

A comprehensive Do-it-yourself rental service.

A young man is sharpening an axe.

A man saws a board.

A suitcase with carpentry and locksmith tools.

PNRM. by the sign with the symbols of rental services.

Atelier-address plan.

Photo lab "Voskhod".

The laboratory assistant works with a photo magnifier.

A man and boys watch the negative.

Presses the timer.

The boy prints a photo.

The hand rolls the roller over the photo print.

Crop the photo.

A woman sews on a sewing machine.

A woman cuts a cloth.

A rack with photo paper, film, and spools of thread.

Artists Vladimir and Yevgeny Telegin are walking along the field.

The artist draws a landscape.

CU. pl. - a hand with a brush mixes paints, draws.

Picture - CU. pl.

Artists in the premises of the branch of the Union of Artists of the USSR of the Vladimir region look at paintings.

People walk down the street, pass Vladimir and Eugene Telegin.

Novki village, Kameshkovsky district, Vladimir region.

PNRM. from the rural fence to the forest.

Girl Tanya Amozova swings on a swing.

The lesson is in the 3rd grade, the children are at their desks.

The teacher.


CU. pl. - a pen writes in a notebook.

Classmates consider the medal of Tanya Amozova.

CU. pl. - medal for saving drowning people.

T. Amozova, parents at home reading the newspaper.

CU. pl. - newspaper.

Photo of T. Amozova in the newspaper.

Key words

Glass, quality control, finished products, food, products, consumption, sales, purchasing of raw materials to the public, the developer, fixer, photo frame, school composition, achievement, home environment


Telegin V. - hudozhnik. Telegin E. - hudozhnik. Osminin E.A. - direktor Ivanovskogo hlopchatobumazhnogo kombinata im. F.N. Samojlova.

Locations: Ivanovo region [776] Yaroslavl region [812] Vladimir region [772] Kirov region [781]

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825]

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