Panorama № 21 (1982)

Newsreel №78465, 1 part, duration: 0:10:13
Production: LSDF
Director:Snegina N.
Camera operators:Akatjev A., Bryuhanov E., Ishutin V.
Text authors:Mamedov M.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"The food program is a national affair."

Yaroslavl region, Bolsheselsky district, farm "Red dawn", ears of oats.

In the fields working harvesters, is harvesting.

Team leader Vyacheslav Burov comes out of the combine.

V. Burov cleans and adjusts the harvesting mechanism.

Combines "Niva" on wheels and on tracks.

The collected grain is poured into the tractor trailer.

Machine operators in the cabins of their cars.

Spilling grain.

Party Secretary of the collective farm Margarita Goryunova congratulates link with the end of the work.

Kirov oblast, the suburban farm "Krasnogorsky", a cabbage field.

Ripe cabbages.


Road sign in the direction of the farm.

On the road going truck with cabbage.

Kirov, fruit and vegetable plant consumer cooperation, the truck pulls up to the building.

Sign on the wall.

Processing of vegetables at the plant.

Automatic canning lines, jars with pickles and marinades.

Vegetable counter in the store.

Queue of buyers.

Shelves with canned vegetables.

Buyers at the counter.

General view of the trading floor.

Kirov region, Sosnovsky shipyard.

Production processes in the shops of the plant.

Asbestos, mass production.

The house of culture of shipbuilders, asbestos lining of walls and ceilings.

Visitors to the hall DC.

The city of Vladimir, the movement of vehicles on the street.

Research Institute of synthetic resins.

Researchers in the Institute's laboratory are working on parts of trucks and cars made of molded and flexible polyurethane foam.

Manufacture and inspection of parts for the chair, etc.

Finished parts on the stand.

Interior of the car (shooting from the outside, through the glass).

Cars in the Parking lot.

Yaroslavl, school number 42, pioneer wears a glove doll on his hand.

School bags in the chair.

Senior pioneer leader Natalia Mikhailovna Kozlova surrounded by students.

In the hands of children theatrical dolls, there is a rehearsal of the play at the table.

Pioneers get up from the table and go to the screen.

Rehearsal with the dolls.

Nm Kozlova sits at the table next to the girl and with her reading a book.

Counselor surrounded by children.

Nm Kozlova shows students how to tie a pioneer tie and wear a cap.

Nm Kozlova boy passes comb.

Children with tulips in their hands.

Solemn event in the gym, ranks of pioneers and Octobrists, in the hall make the banner.

The faces of the children.

Nm Kozlova exchanged with the girl pioneer salute.

General view of the hall.

Kirov region, Nizhne-ivkino mineral springs, the surrounding natural landscape, in the forest strolling people.

Village Nizhne-Ivkino.

People go to the source.

Sanatorium, the doctor prepares vouchers for patients.

Drinking gallery.

General view of the hall inside.

Women drink water.

Guests in the rooms.

Patients with diseases of the respiratory system on medical procedures.

The patient on a stationary bike, standing next to the doctors.

A gym for patients with problems of the locomotor apparatus.

People climb the stairs.

Lunch in the dining room.

Visitors descend the stairs.

Artists paint the ceilings.

Key words

Woodworking industry.
The puppet theatre.
Children's creativity.
The pioneer organization.
School education.
Extra-curricular activities.
Life and leisure.
The Spa treatment.

Locations: Vladimir region [772] Kirov region [781] Yaroslavl region [812]

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