Panorama № 13 (1981)

Newsreel №78478, 1 part, duration: 0:10:04
Production: LSDF
Director:Snegina N.
Camera operators:Akatjev A., Bryuhanov E., Tretjyakov A.
Text authors:Sementovskaya V.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


From the car "VAZ-2103" goes Karpov family.

View of the Volga river is a pleasure boat.

Yuri Karpov with his wife and daughter admire the view.

Family in car.

The car rides on the highway.

Factory printing machines through the yard are working.

General view of the shop, machines, equipment.

Collectors under the guidance of Yu. M. Karpova collect printing and typesetting machine; the technical components and details of the mechanism.

Rehearsal factory orchestra.

Y. M. Karpov leafing through the notes, playing the trombone.


On the road passing cars.

Look on Susanin square, fire tower, travel Textile workers, street Shemilovka.

View of the plant "Motordetal" (Moskovskaya street, 105), pass by the workers, passing cars.

Machine for the production of piston fingers.

Close-up of the finger making process, mechanisms and hardware components.

Working for the machine.

Heat treatment of parts on the production line.

Inspector QC check the finished piston pins.

Close-up details.


Panorama of Kirov Park, view of the Museum of history of the Kirov region, the hotel "Vyatka", Gorky street, October travel.

Kirov biochemical plant (street Lugansk, 53).

Research laboratory of biological tissue culture.

Technicians at work.

On racks put banks with samples of ginseng extract.

Trays with biomaterial are loaded into the incubator.

Filtration of ginseng extract.

On the table in flasks finished products of the plant.

Kirov region.

The flood of the rivers Cobra, Maloma and Vyatka, a panorama of the flooded village, in the foreground is a barge.

Flooded streets and yards, residents move around the village by boat.

Timber rafting on the river, a team of rafters working on a raft.


Foaming water at the stern (shooting boat).

Tent rafters on a raft, a man makes a fire.

On the logs is the receiver.

Kettle on the fire, the man puts in the fire chips.

People dine on a raft.

View of the tugboat from the shore, from the forest.

rostov veliky.

Factory "Rostov finish", examples of miniatures.

Artist Nikolai Kulandin at work.

Painting miniatures under a magnifying glass.

The firing of the miniature gas burner.

The artist approaches the women and shows a new product.

Snuffbox in the fingers of the artist.

Masters discuss the work.

Close-up: painting the plate with a thin brush.

Ready snuff-box.

N. And.

Kulandin shows the finished work to your colleagues.

Painted boxes, and snuff.

Ivanovo, bridge over the river lead away.

Sheremetyevsky Avenue, pedestrians, cars.

Exhibition of works of young technicians of the region.

Models of ships.

Clockwork and electric toys.

The child studies the toy.

Head of the exhibition Valentin Alexandrovich Yablokov explains to students the device of one of the models.

Vladimir Ivanovich Buchenkov start the robot.

The robot talks about himself.

Robot surrounded by children.

Those boys.

All-Union exhibition of technical creativity of young people in Moscow in honor of the 20th anniversary of the flight of Yuri Gagarin, models of orbital stations.

Layout of the rocket "Vostok".

Key words

Leisure of the population.
Forest industry.
Decorative-applied art.
Folk art.
Out of school education.
Of the invention.

Locations: Yaroslavl region [812] Kostroma region [782] Kirov region [781] Rostov region [798] Ivanovo region [776]

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